July crime reports

Good news and bad news!
The GOOD news
No crimes  have been reported for the Kirkheaton area throughout the whole of July.

The BAD news
We are still being plagued by mindless vandalism in the village. In the past plants have been stolen but over the last few months plants have just be uprooted from their tubs and the roundabout and just thrown all over the pavements.The latest was on Friday evening the 21st July where plants from the roundabout were thrown over a parked car nearby. We, or the police  would welcome any information about the culprits. Contact info@yettontogether.org or phone 101

June crime reports

Only one offence has been reported for June in thé Kirkheaton area

Theft from vehicle 21st June 21.30 at Shop Lane Kirkheaton.
Entered Mazda MX-5 by unknown means and stole wallet, driving licence, credit and debit cards.


May Crime reports

09 May 0105 criminal damage – dwelling
Maple Close Kirkheaton – Smashed window in front door. Police are called and suspect is arrested.

13 May 1700 theft of vehicle
Meadow Park Kirkheaton – Steal Ford Focus using a spare key. Vehicle later recovered by owner

February Crime Reports



Fishing for YOUR keys!!!!!

Fishing for YOUR keys!!!!!

November Crime reports – updated

27 Oct 1900 Theft from vehicle Steal registration plates from Chevrolet Matiz Regent Road Kirkheaton

None reported for week ending 13th November

No reports for week ending 20th November

None reported in  our area for week ending 27th November

October crime reports

Theft from vehicle 03 Oct 2016 2200 Smash passenger side window of Nissan NV200 panel van, enter and steal commercial power tools. Orchard Lees, Kirkheaton,
Criminal damage – motor vehicle 04 Oct 2016 0000 Smash driver’s door quarterlight. No signs of entry being gained Pennine View, Kirkheaton,

September Crime reports updated

No crime reported in the Kirkheaton area in the week ending 18th September

No crime reported in the first week of September in the Kirkheaton area

Criminal damage – Motor vehicle 07 Sep 2016 2100 offender enters vehicle by forcing unknown implement under lock, enter vehicle but leave without taking anything. Moorside Road, Kirkheaton, HD5 0LX

August Crime reports

Burglary dwelling 27 Aug 2016 1630 use ladders to gain access via rear upstairs window, make untidy search and steal computers, cash and jewellery. New Road, Kirkheaton,

Burglary dwelling 27 Aug 2016 1700 smash window in rear door, enter, make untidy search of upstairs and steal lop top, cash, cards and jewellery. The Paddock, Kirkheaton

July crime reports

So far this month  [and we are near the end of it] only one crime has been reported.
22 July 2016 2200 motor vehicle scratch Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa, Wellhouse Lane, Kirkheaton

February Crime report

Criminal damage – motor vehicle 03 Feb 2015 1930 Slash tyres on Ford Focus and Vauxhall Corsa. Suspects identified Meadow Park, Kirkheaton, HD5 0FX


Burglary dwelling 19 Feb 2015 0230 Remove beading and window from conservatory, activating alarm. No entry gained Stancliffe Way, Kirkheaton, HD5 0JY


Burglary dwelling 20 Feb 2015 1130 Smash rear window, reach in, open it and enter. Steal jewellery and laptop Orchard Road, Kirkheaton, HD5 0EJ

Fraudsters are targeting people by “cold calling” them on the telephone.

The scam starts with the following simple activity:

1. They will state that they are from the Bank Fraud department, the Police or other Law Enforcement.

2. They will tell the victim that fraud is being carried out on the victim’s bank account and that to prevent it they need to carry out any of the below activities:-

  • Need to access your bank accounts online.
  • Need to hand over your pin numbers and bank cards to a courier/official sent to collect them.
  • Need to hand over money to A courier/ official sent to collect them.
  • Need to transfer your money to another “safe” bank account(s) which they provide details of.

3. In order to prove their own credentials they will often ask you to telephone the “fraud” number you may have on the back of your bank card, or they may even ask you to telephone the Police to check that there is an official investigation, or telephone your own bank once the phone call to them is terminated.

Do not be fooled!

Do not telephone anyone at that stage as the phone line remains open and you are simply telephoning them back without realising. They will then continue with your assistance in stealing your money by any of the above methods.


  • The bank or the police will never telephone you “out of the blue” to ask you to transfer money into another account or hand over any of your money or bank cards. It is your money!!
  • The bank or the police will never ask for your personal bank account details, or pin numbers over the phone.
  • If you really want to check the credentials of a caller then go into your bank and ask to speak to the bank manager or use another phone to call the bank or police.
  • If you are still unsure then attend a police station.
  • Never discuss your banking details with strangers who call you!

Scam postcards are being delivered to UK residents’ homes claiming that a parcel containing “jewellery” is waiting for the homeowner.

The personally addressed postcards say:

“The office is attempting to reach you. To claim this parcel and accept this offer, you must telephone the number below immediately and arrange for a delivery. The item is prepaid, but a processing and delivery free of £10 must be remitted. This fee can be paid only by telephone and only with a credit card (VISA or MasterCard). This is your only notification”

If you call the 020 number you are asked to pay £10 by credit card. Victims who have reported this to Action Fraud have said that the automated service told them the package would be delivered the same day, but did not receive anything.

Action Fraud has received several reports of this recently occurring fraud and this information has been assessed by National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) resulting in disruption of the fraudster’s phone number.

Also be on the lookout for slight variations of this scam – which use different phone numbers and delivery items.