Bottle banks in our area

Did you know? We can avoid eyesore like this at the bottle banks on New Road!If the banks are full there is another only a few hundred yards away! Just go down New Road and turn right by Inspirations Computer and the other bottle banks are near the entrance to the cricket field. This site is under used so you should be able to dispose of your bottles there rather than leaving them littering up the New Road lay-by and broken glass being a hazard to other users.

Yetton Together has requested a sign in the New Road lay by publicising the whereabouts of other site. The council has agreed and we will be monitoring this.

Council’s reply to recycling site eyesore

Council officials write:
We have contacted the contractor who has informed us that the layby site [on New Road] is emptied fortnightly and they will continue to do so on our request until further notice.
The cricket club site is emptied once every 3 weeks.  However, this fills up less often so the banks are often not full when the schedule time for empyting comes around so for the time being we have asked the contractor to change the schedule of emptying this bank to a monthly collection.  Because this site isn’t fully utilised there is little point in moving more banks to this location as this would result in more banks being ignored and left half full such as the one which is currently located here.

We do not want to remove either site as many of the people who use it are likely to live in remote parts of Kirklees and therefore removing one or more of the sites would create a bigger gap than just the residential area of Kirkheaton.

We have asked waste advisor colleagues to monitor both sites in case they need emptying more often and to also check for fly tipping.

There is already a recycling site in the Colne Bridge area and this is located near to the Royal & Ancient public house on Dalton Bank Road.  It will not be necessary to provide another site so close to this one and if one was placed in an industrial estate this could encourage trade waste dumping rather than household use.

As for lowering the visual impact of the sites, this is contrary to what we need to do in order to encourage people to recycle and advertise the places where they can recycle glass bottles and jars in their local area.  The visual impact is part of the message that we need to put across to members of the public and therefore hiding away recycling banks where people cannot see or find them would be detrimental to increasing awareness and the amount diverted from their domestic bins.


Recycling Eyesore near Upper Heaton

Local residents are angry at how the the recycling point on New Road has become an eyesore. Smashed bottles, empty cartons and bags all litter the layby.
Recently much effort has gone into making the Kirkheaton area a pleasant place to be in and this hotspot really gives out an unfortunate message.

The field adjacent to the site is often littered by some of the wind blown rubbish and even things which cannot possibly blown over the wall! People in the area do go out and try to tidy it up but we all should try and help by reducing the litter in the first place by tidying up after ourselves.


Restoration of old bridleway

A group of volunteers are restoring the old bridleway Cold Royd which leads from Jagger Lane down onto Broad Lane. Due to a long period of neglect the old flags have been either stolen or hidden under vegetation, and the walls have fallen into disrepair. The group are funded by a grant from the Dalton Ward and are supported by Kirklees Countryside Volunteers. The grant has paid for drystone wall tuition and the stone required.

David Clarkin, who instigated the project, writes:
We benefit from expert tuition from Anita Faherty, a senior member of West Yorkshire Dry Stone Walling Association. We started work on 6 May and held a second session on Saturday 3 June. We have arranged to meet again on 24 June and 15 July.
Six of our volunteers are from the village and four are from elsewhere. I hope that after the tuition, the interest in dry stone walling will continue. If it does we will certainly continue our work at Coldroyd through August, September and into October.

Anyone interested in joining them to learn a new skill should contact David on 01484 535 643 or e mail

Fly tipping on Laneside

Now you see it …….
Now you don’t!
A huge thank you  to Casey’s and volunteers from Yetton Together for removing the unsightly and illegal fly tipping at the old entrance to the brickworks [landfill site] on Laneside.
Increasingly fly tipping is becoming a problem around Kirkheaton. Please report any tippers or their rubbish to the council.

Please stay on the official paths!

Caseys have expressed concerns re the footpaths and fencing around their landfill site at Laneside. A few areas have had the fencing trampled down (see photo) and walkers are walking on non designated paths. It is anticipated that work will soon recommence on the site so it is important that people keep to the signed designated rights of way across and around the site for their own safety.

About blooming time!

Now is the time to get out into the lovely countryside around Kirkheaton and enjoy the bluebells which are flowering now. There are numerous walks where you can see them in their natural woodland habitat. Try the suggested walks that were published in the Spring 2017 edition of Yetton News or search ‘bluebell walk’ on our website –

The mystery of the disappearing plants!



Then there were none!!!!
Someone so enjoyed the colourful plants  around the village that they decided they would like some of them! All the plants in the two tubs situated at the seat on Cockley Hill Lane, have disappeared! But  the labels have been left behind so we know what we are missing! Presumably they are  now being enjoyed by the perpetrator in their own garden.
Our two hard working gardeners have replanted the tubs this week. Let’s hope we can all enjoy these plants.
16 July planter
We would be grateful if people would keep an eye on all the tubs to help prevent this happening again.