KF Questionnaire highlights residents’ priorities

Just over 50% of residents responded to the recent Kirkheaton Future questionnaire with 816 out of 1600 being returned and 81% of businesses (31 replies).
The group has now done an initial analysis of the survey and identified your priorities.

  • Develop brownfield and small sites first [74%]
  • Improve social infrastructure eg school, health & community centres [70%]
  • Control traffic congestion and hazards especially at village centre and Shop Lane [62%]
  • Use derelict sites first, especially mill site [52%]
  • Retain existing jobs and businesses and attract new in the village [50%]
  • New building to be within existing built up area [44%]
  • Make sure property developers contribute* to infrastructure – traffic system, school, health etc
    *Editor’s note: Developers already have to make some contribution to the council towards these
  • Provide additional homes to meet demand from village residents and their children (36%)
  • Improve appearance and quality of existing buildings, new buildings and green spaces (29%)
  • Add to, and improve, existing footpaths, cycle routes and bridleways (28%)
  • Provide homes for the wider population of Kirklees (5%)

Steve Booth, Chair of Kirkheaton Future writes:
The results are giving us good information to write the aims, objectives and vision for the Neighbourhood Plan. From what we know already the submission of this plan will ensure that we will have a say, to some extent, in what developments happen in our village.
A Draft Vision of what we want Kirkheaton to become over the next decade was presented at the feedback session on 1st June, and reads as follows:-
In the years up to and beyond 2030, the people of Kirkheaton will live in a distinct and distinctive village community that has retained its identity and character.  Kirkheaton will be carefully developed and, through maximising the use of available space, be a place which continues to feel compact and closely connected to the adjacent countryside.  Green spaces, remnant routeways and historic features will be enhanced, as will the built environment.  Our village will be socially cohesive, safe, prosperous and environmentally sound, with a good range of social infrastructure and facilities.”

We are now seeking funding to do the next steps of the project.
You can contact us at: kirkheatonfuture@outlook.com or go to yettontogether.org for more details

Your opinions wanted on draft vision for Kirkheaton


Kirkheaton Future – A Neighbourhood Plan for Kirkheaton

Hello Everyone
Thank you for all your efforts and inputs to our Neighbourhood Plan. You will be pleased to know that the recent survey of residents and businesses was a great success, with very clear views expressed about the future of our village. We are now at the point of drafting the Neighbourhood Plan, and we have produced a Draft Vision of what we want Kirkheaton to become over the next decade. It is important to get your feedback on the Draft Vision which is:

In the years up to and beyond 2030, the people of Kirkheaton will live in a distinct and distinctive village community that has retained its identity and character. Kirkheaton will be carefully developed and through maximising the use of available space will have resulted in a place which continues to feel compact and closely connected to the adjacent countryside. Green spaces, remnant routeways and historic features will be enhanced, as will the built environment. Our village will be socially cohesive, safe, prosperous and environmentally sound, with a good range of social infrastructure and facilities.

Please let us know your views on this Draft Vision by 21st May. It is your plan and we need to be certain that you support the Vision.
Email. kirkheatonfuture@outlook.com

Thank you
Kirkheaton Future steering group

Huge response to village questionnaire!

A Big Thank You from Kirkheaton Future for all the help from the volunteers who distributed the Survey questionnaires and also to all the residents and businesses within the village for their contributions   – we have had a 50% response and we are now analysing these.
We will shortly be publishing these findings and will also be holding feedback sessions to discuss  and explain our next steps.
Thanks again

           The Steering Committee Kirkheaton Future

Kirkheaton Future Questionnaire


Kirkheaton Future are preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the village.  The Plan must reflect the needs and views of our community.  It will carry considerable weight in future planning decisions and will effectively give, you and I with our neighbours, substantial influence over the future development of our village.

The draft Kirklees Local Development Plan proposes to allocate an additional 298 homes to be built in Kirkheaton over the next 20 years.  We hope that our Neighbourhood Development Plan will have a say over where they will be built and what type of homes they will be.  The Plan will cover issues such as housing, employment, infrastructure, service, transport and the environment.

The Questionnaire
A questionnaire will be delivered  during  the  two weeks to the 1600 households and businesses in the defined Neighbourhood Plan area [mainly Kirkheaton and Upper Heaton]  The purpose of the questionnaire is to gather views from each household regarding their feelings about living here, and opinions on priorities for the future development of  the village. If your receive one please complete it and return to the volunteer who will call to collect it

We shall use details about age and gender etc., to identify groups with differing needs or issues that the plan should consider..



Kirkheaton Future AGM

                       KIRKHEATON FUTURE Annual General Meeting

               8th December 2016 Kirkheaton Community Centre at 19:30

The present Chairman Steve Booth thanked all for attending and proceeded with the agenda.

Election of Officers
Chairman – Steve Booth was re-elected
Vice Chair – Diane Hardcastle
Secretary – Pamela Brook
Treasurer – Jack Dodds
Planner – Prof. Peter Roberts
Publicity Officer – Diane Hardcastle

Report from the Chairman
Over the last twelve months there have been issues in maintaining the original timescales set by the Steering Group regarding the completion of the actions required by the legal process. A review of the plans timescale is to be undertaken.

Two “Planning for Real” meetings were held at the Community Centre and one at Kirkheaton School engaging with residents of the village to ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan reflects their collective expectations.

A detailed map of the village has been drawn and the boundaries for the Neighbourhood Plan have been agreed and approved with Kirkburton Parish Council and registered with Kirklees Planning Services.

The submission of the funding application to Locality has been approved by Kirkburton Parish Council.

We are in the process of producing a survey which will be twenty two questions asking for residents views, this survey will be available both on-line and paper based. We will use the results to give us the required information to write the Neighbourhood Plan based on genuine consultation.

Special thanks were given to the following for their dedicated hard work over the last twelve months:-
Prof. Peter Roberts for his guidance and knowledge of Neighbourhood Planning.
Kevin Lee for providing the definitive map of the neighbourhood.
David Clarkin for his work with PROW.
Brian Artingstall for the work on the resident survey.
Diane Hardcastle for publicising our work using Yetton Together website, Twitter, posters in the village and Facebook.

Report from the Secretary
As this is a new appointment there was no report.

Report from the Treasurer
Up to present there have been no funds to report on, the position of Treasurer is a new appointment.

David Clarkin spoke about maintaining public footpaths in the village and that support for this is given by volunteers. However there is a lack of funds for desired projects such as training in dry stone walling and the development of pathways.
To make progress with funding from “Tesco Bags” there is a need to target priorities.
He also added that any new volunteers would be very welcome.

The Chairman thanked all for attending and asked that anyone who wished to help in any way contact him.

The meeting closed at 21:00.

Request for volunteers

From Steve Booth,Chair of Kirkheaton Future – to everyone who lives in Kirkheaton requesting volunteers
Kirkheaton Future(KF) is a group that is putting together a neighbourhood plan in response to the Draft Local Plan (DLP) created by Kirklees.

The DLP is in response to the government strategy to build more affordable houses up and down the country.

The ‘DLP’ has identified three main places to develop within the boundary of the village:-

  • The old mill site,
  • Cockley Hill Lane
  • Stead Lane.

In total the plan is for 298 houses across these three sites.

KF is not ‘anti houses’ but we want to have a say in matters such as:-

  • The type of houses
  • the use of existing brown field sites before green field
  • the impact on traffic and infrastructure (shops, schools etc)
  • the time phasing of building
  • The impact on highways and existing infrastructures

There are many sections to the neighbourhood plan but a key element is a village wide consultation process – we have to be able to demonstrate that every household has had a chance to influence the plan. This will be subject to an audit by a nominated inspector.

To this end we have designed a questionnaire but now need to deliver it to every household and then collect the completed forms. This is a big task and this is why we are needing as many volunteers as possible.

Lett me know by email on steve49@live.com or on 07740704164.

Many thanks in anticipation of your help.

Steve Booth

Kirkheaton Future AGM

Kirkheaton Future held its AGM in early December at the Community Centre. The group was formed in November 2014 to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the village as a response to the large amount of development planned for the area in the next few years. The group hope to influence how and when this will take place to minimise its impact.
Th following officers were elected:
Treasurer: Jack Dodds
Secretary:Pam Brook
Publicity Officer:Diane Hardcastle
Steve Booth agreed to remain as Chair for the forthcoming year.

The chair in his report outlined the work carried out by the group over the year.
This includes:

  • The definition of the area to be covered by the Neighbourhood Plan
  • A full audit of the area collating information on land use including types of housing, historical features, pockets of underused land etc
  • Compilation of a questionnaire to be delivered to all households in the defined area to establish residents’ views about how Kirkheaton should be developed.

Looking forward to 2017
In early 2017 the group will be distributing the questionnaires to all households as well as putting it on line. Views will be collated and inform the next step the group need to take.
The group has applied for a grant to finance this part of the work.
The meeting ended at 9 pm.

the official,minutes of the AGM will be posted on the Kirkheaton Future pages of this website in the near future.

Land use survey

Over the next few weeks you may see some people with clipboards in your area. Fear not! It isn’t the gas board preparing to dig up yet more of Kirkheaton (or at least I don’t think it will be)!  They are Kirkheaton Future volunteers surveying  the land use in the village. As part of the Neighbourhood Plan  they need an accurate record of just exactly what is where in the village and what it is used for – this includes every electricity sub station, every tiny piece of unoccupied land, unusual features etc. This information will then be put on a master map for future reference.