Visit to the British Library at Boston Spa

Nineteen volunteers from Kirkheaton Library (pictured) visited the British Library at Boston Spa, built on the site of a former munitions factory in early November. Whilst the site retains certain original features it is well landscaped and sympathetic to the environment.
The volunteers split into two groups of ten and were escorted by tour guides Denise and Darren.
The first location was the “Flashback lab” which contained out of date computer systems. This allowed access to redundant storage media and conversion to modern formats.
Our next location was the impressive  Automated Building which takes any published works and stores them in a safe environment. To avoid fire damage the storage section is maintained with a low oxygen atmosphere which does not support combustion and therefore eliminates the need for conventional fire protection systems. Books and publications are stored in special crates which are transported to an operator who removes the publication and the crate is then returned to its original location.
The system is totally automatic once the required publication has been selected on the computer. The item is then despatched to the customer either in the reading room, as a partial photocopy or by post to the British Library in London or other destination. The storage hold 7 million items and operates 20 hrs/day. The growth rate for new publications is 12 linear kilometres per year which means that further units are being planned.
In addition there is conventional storage for less important items where duplicates are available elsewhere. The library has modern AO scanners where books or periodicals can be scanned or posters made for special events.

Availability of books and document titles can be checked by consulting their online catalogues.

Finally Boston Spa is one of five “Legal Deposit Libraries “ in the UK where one copy of everything printed is sent for digitisation and storage. The decision for deciding which library holds the copies is made at Boston Spa. Hopefully our own Yetton News will soon be available there!

Our volunteers were grateful for the support received from “One 17 Design” to help subsidising our travel costs.
                                                             John Taylor [Friends of Kirkheaton Library]


Volunteering in Kirkheaton

There are numerous opportunities to share your skills and learn new ones by volunteering in Kirkheaton – cafe, library, gardening are just a few of them. Volunteer for just an occasional hour or more regularly. You will get to know more of your fellow Yettoners as well as getting the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others.

Contact for more information about volunteering in the area
Photographs copyright Alan Kitson

Some of our cafe volunteers – Mary, Pauline and Marjorie. They, and other cafe volunteers, raised over £2400 last year to help towards keeping the library and CC open

Liz, one of our library volunteers

The library is run by a band of about 15 volunteers who are supported by 5 hours of Kirklees staff time.

Kirkheaton Library volunteers winners!

Well done to Kirkheaton Library volunteers and Yetton Together at  Kirklees Libraries Awards 2016 night held at Huddersfield Library on 15th November.

Lesley Finnegan was nominated for the Ambassador Award for all her hard work as a volunteer,  children’s craft group organiser and much else. Jim, her husband was nominated for ‘The Unsung Hero’ Award for all his work behind the scenes keeping the library going. Trish Mellor, as representative of Yetton Together, was nominated for the Community Award and Sue Bowyer was nominated for ‘The Pioneer ‘award for establishing a number of activities in the library including the Lego club and Book group. Sadly none of them were winners but as Carol Stump, Head of Library Services, said at the ceremony – all the nominees are winners for all their outstanding work in the community to retain the library service despite the cuts.
16-nov-lib-awardHowever Kirkheaton Volunteers Group fought off stiff opposition from about 9 other volunteer groups including Denby Dale, Kirkburton, Golcar  and Marsden to win the  Team Spirit award for all their hard work in establishing the library in its new home and running it. (there is only 5  hours of paid staff  – the rest of the time the volunteers run the library) 


Popular staff member to leave Kirkheaton Library

16 April PamAs some of you might be aware Pam Kaur will be leaving Kirkheaton library towards the end of April. Pam has been the ‘king’ or should I say ‘queen’ pin of the library for the last three years. During that time she has worked tirelessly with the volunteers to ensure the library remains in the village. Her enthusiasm and welcoming approach has greatly enhanced the number of people visiting the library at a time when other local libraries have seen a decline in visitors.
She will be greatly missed by us all but we wish her well in her new job and she has promised to keep in touch.

Pam writes :
It is with a sad but proud heart I announce the end of my Library time at Kirkheaton. If someone had told me 3 years ago I would be at Kirkheaton Library and it would bring me more joy than I could imagine I wouldn’t have believed them. Its been magical working with tireless volunteers, welcoming the lovely children and seeing all the customers coming in and helping to raise our targets. Thank you for the banter, the laughs.
To all the awesome people of KH. I will miss you all but looking forward to the future challenge. My last day will be Monday 25th April and I will show you how to use the self service machine which doesn’t answer back. 😂

New technology at Kirkheaton Library

16 mar self issuing machineRecent Visitors to Kirkheaton Community Centre Library have been introduced to its latest acquisition- a self issuing machine. Now readers  will be able to borrow and return books very quickly and easily themselves.
One enthusiastic convert said:
“It’s so easy and quick to use. It scans your library card and then you press the screen to select whether you want to return or borrow books. If you want to borrow books you just place them on the machine.It then “reads” their information and issues you with a receipt listing all the books borrowed and when they are due back. It’s really clever – you don’t have to put the books on the pad one at a time – it can  process a whole pile at once! The only drawback is that it doesn’t date stamp the books so you have to put your receipt in a safe place! Returning books is easy to – you just place your books on the machine. It processes all the books and issues a receipt for all those returned. Then it asks you to put the books on the trolley next to the machine. You can even look up to see if you’ve got any outstanding books or if a book you have ordered has come!”


YT’s Open Day Success

The local town crier made sure everyone knew of what was happening!

The local town crier made sure everyone knew of what was happening!

Over 100 people braved the wintry weather to attend Yetton Together’s Community Centre Open Day on the 14th November.

Some of the speakers and events organised by Yetton Hub

Some of the speakers and events organised by Yetton Hub

They were able to find out more about what the Centre has to offer from its expanding users – Dance Tots, Local History Society, Yoga, Knit n Natter group, Kirkheaton Future, YT Gardening Club etc The library was represented by its Bookworm Reading group and the Lego Club. The playgroup was also open to view.

A group enjoying some of the refreshments on offer.

A group enjoying some of the refreshments on offer.

Lots of freebies were on offer including refreshments, a handy cotton shopping bag, lego key rings as well as the usual pens, pencils etc

Pam Brook, Chair of KBPC and Trish Mellor, Chair YT handing out some of the freebies

Pam Brook, Chair of KBPC and Trish Mellor, Chair YT handing out some of the freebies

Local children rise to the Reading Challenge

15 mad hatters

Some of children getting ready to join The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Over ninety children at Kirkheaton Library took part in the 2015 Summer Reading Challenge promoted nationally by The Reading Agency. This year’s theme was ‘World Record Breakers’ and children had to read at least 6 books over the summer holidays. Successful readers were presented with a gold ‘medal’. Various weekly craft activities, puzzles and games were held at the library culminating in a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party picnic on the field where children attempted various records such as building the highest Lego tower.

Pam , our Librarian, heavily disguised in the role of  The Queen of Hearts!! at the picnic

Pam , our Librarian, heavily disguised in the role of The Queen of Hearts!! at the picnic

Library book tree winner

A guess of 201 books won Harry the library's Christmas tree competition

A guess of 201 books won Harry the library’s Christmas tree competition

Harry Walker, age 6, was the winner of Kirkheaton Library’s competition of guess the number of books which made up their  tree at the Christmas Tree Festival at the parish church. The total was 201 and Harry was spot on with his guess – so well done Harry!

Kirkheaton Library's Book Tree

Kirkheaton Library’s Book Tree

Securing Kirkheaton Library’s future

library vol2Excellent! Very heartening!’ was the comment from Kirklees Library Services Area Manager, Alison Peaden to the positive response for Kirkheaton library volunteers.

Fifteen residents turned up to a meeting held by the service at the Community Centre in September. A number of others who were not able to attend have also registered their interest in becoming library volunteers.

Various volunteering roles are on offer and it was stressed that commitment can be as little as a few hours a month. Training will be given.

There are also exciting plans to expand the use of the library with events such as children’s storytime that has already started on Fridays at 2pm and the establishment of interest groups eg Local History, Reading Circle.

Expected local budget cuts leave Kirklees libraries very vulnerable and it is felt that Kirkheaton Library needs to be in a position to continue if and when funding is withdrawn. So this is an exciting venture which promises to revitalise the service within the village.

Interested in volunteering? It’s not too late – just pop into the library to see the displays and talk to one of the staff.


Support for Community Centre

The following graph was compiled from the forms handed out to Kirkheaton residents at various locations asking them  whether they supported a community centre and if so what amenities they would like to see on offer there in addition to the playgroup which is expected to continue as before.
CC data mar13In all  80 were completed. A big majority [65] would like to see the library retained. 50 people wanted a cafe in the building and there was lower levels of support for a variety of other activities.

Other activities suggested for consideration included:

  • After school youth club
  • Room for teens to chill out
  • Drawing, Painting,  Choir
  • Youth facilities
  • Country side management
  • Toddler group out of hrs classes
  • Music for young and old
  • Local shop discounts
  • Trips to theatre etc..
  • Gardening club
  • Energy club

Future looking good for Kirkheaton Community Centre and Library


Community CentreOver 50 people packed the community room at the Kirkheaton Community Centre on Monday, 4th March. Local Residents were attending a meeting arranged by the Yetton Together group, to inform people of the situation facing the building and recruit further support for an exciting plan.

Yetton Together’s vision is of a centre that will be a vibrant hub for the whole community, young and old alike, with a Cafe and Library at its heart. The existing Playgroup is a core user and looking to develop its facilities too. A Café and space for community use were both key wants and needs identified by the Community Plan published last year.

 “It was an encouraging turnout,’ said Trish Mellor, Chair, Yetton Together. “People had lots of ideas. We want to feed these into all our planning for the activities and services the community wants. It was especially encouraging to have people who had been involved in the previous community group who had run the building in the past there to support us.”

 Local Councillors Peter McBride (Kirklees, Dalton Ward) and Bill Armer (Kirkburton Parish Council) and two representatives from the Neighbourhood Police Team were there to offer their support.

 Councillor McBride, pledged significant support from Kirklees, who currently run the building, to bring it up to the state it would need to be in order to fulfil the community’s dream.  expressed confidence in the Yetton Together team and encouraged more people to become involved.
“We will pledge a significant sum of money and all the support you need ,” he said, “to run a Library and more.”
“I am convinced it can work,” he added, “because I have seen the group at work, such as the trial Cafe which was very well organized and offered good quality refreshments. We want to see the Nursery remain here too, and we encourage other groups to become a full part of the project too. No one thing can work on its own, but together they could make it work very well.”

 Also speaking was Rebecca Legg of CHOL Theatre Company, who has applied for funding for a ‘Yetton Creativity Club’ for 11 – 18 year olds, involving theatre, art and film-making, which it is hoped will start in June.

 “This is just one example of the kind of things that could happen in this renewed centre,” says Trish Mellor “It is a real opportunity to bring the building back into the centre of village life.”

 “To make this exciting plan a reality it is vital that the community get behind it. A key need is for a Management Team to oversee plans and necessary fundraising, but we hope everyone might spread the word to neighbours, make suggestions for the kind of activities that may take place, support fundraising events, or even become a volunteer.”

 Slips that people can fill in to pledge their interest and support are available at a number of shops and other places around the village. Or people can visit the web site –

 More information from:

Trish Mellor, Chair, Yetton Together (01484 543234)

The Revd Richard Steel, Information Officer, Yetton Together (01484 532410)(Mob 07900 216363)