Open Wide! – dental survey

Healthwatch Kirklees* is undertaking a survey to find out how many people in Kirklees have access to a regular dentist and to understand their experience of looking for an NHS dentist. They write:

We would like your support on our NHS Dentistry Campaign.
What’s the issue?
We regularly hear from patients in Kirklees that they are struggling to find an NHS dentist who is currently accepting NHS patients.

We’ve heard stories of people experiencing dental pain having to go to the Out-Of-Hours Emergency dentist and some have even had to go to the Accident and Emergency (A&E).

What you can do to support our campaign
This is the link to the survey

Feedback will help identify ways in which service availability, access and quality can potentially be improved.
We would be grateful if you could help us promote this survey by adding it onto your website, social media (twitter/facebook), newsletter or any other channels.

* Healthwatch Kirklees is an independent charity which aims  to gather and represent the views of adults, young people and children living or using services in Kirklees. They want to know what’s working well and what needs to be changed. Visit them at

YT’s response to Library Consultation

The trustees of Yetton Together have sent the following response to Kirklees Library Consultations. Until 4th April you can comment on the council’s ideas for cost cutting within the service by filling  in a questionnaire available at the Community Centre or on line at libraryconsultation.

Yetton Together’s comments on Kirklees Library Consultation 2018

As the community group for Kirkheaton, Yetton Together support a Council run library service as well as Kirkheaton Library and its volunteer group, Friends of Kirkheaton Library  (FoKL). Outsourcing to private organisations does not recognise the wider social role of local library services in local communities and the all important links to council services.
A local library is at the centre of a local community and spawns other activities. This in turn fulfils one of the council’s aims to encourage older people to be more socially active which has been proven to reduce their need for other council services.
We feel that further contraction of libraries and library services harms the least fortunate. They are the ones less likely to have a computer at home, be in a position to buy books or afford to go out of their local area to access education, services and activities.
Kirklees Council describes itself as ’digital by design’ but continues ‘we recognise that not all sections of the population will be digital literate or have access to technology’*.
We believe that being ‘digital by design’ is already discriminatory against people who don’t have access to home computers. If they are then denied access to a local library computer then effectively they are being further disadvantaged as they won’t be able to access most council and government services. Kirklees Libraries in their 2016-17 review state that there had been 134,169 hours of computer use in their libraries thus showing how important access to computers is for their users. For many non computer owners the cost of bus fares to and from a central library is not an option they can afford to access them.
Regarding Kirklees Libraries Consultation 2018 Questionnaire
We feel that the questionnaire you have put out seems to be biased towards a desired outcome, and does not give anyone completing it a real opportunity to have their say on the proposals, only what would they do if it happened.
We feel that it is skewed in the following areas:
Limiting the options to two options in Q1, when putting them in order of preference might have been more enlightening.
the info at Q3a implies people are in favour of a central location whereas it seems the question only gave you the option of that or separate places which doesnt support the opening statement as no other option seemed to have been available
No opinion has been sought of library users as to the impact of volunteers over the last 18 months. A similar question to Q4 was asked at the last consultation and as “the Library Service has nearly 1000 volunteers donating their times across all 24 of our libraries “** already, it seems that the recruitment of volunteers is not really an issue.
At a more local level we are aware that as the smallest library in Kirklees, Kirkheaton is very vulnerable. However using Kirklees Libraries Annual Review 2016-17 figures, whilst Kirkheaton Library has the lowest visitor numbers (3,393), it can be considered as one of the most successful in serving its community.
As a percentage of its visitor numbers
Kirkheaton Library has 9.64% who are active members whilst only one other Kirklees library has more than 5% (Heckmondwike 5.52%)
13.45% of visitors to Kirkheaton library use its computer facilities, making it the 5th greatest IT user after The Greenwood Centre (35.7%), Dewsbury (25.8%), Heckmondwike (25%) and Huddersfield (17.5%)
There are nearly 2 book/ item issues per visit when all other libraries issue less than 1 per visit.

At present it has 5 hours paid support with the 20 volunteers stepping in at other times to open and run the service. 
The Friends of Kirkheaton Library ( FoKL ) enhance the services offered by the library by running
Monthly reading group
Weekly Lego sessions
Family Craft sessions in each school holiday
Supporting a local history group
Weekly visits by children from Kirkheaton Primary School to encourage reading
Weekly toddlers story and craft sessions – including children from local nursery
Fund raising for the Community Centre
Summer Reading programme with crafts and other activities
This is in addition to their normal voluntary library duties.
Kirkheaton Library has adapted to considerable change over the last few years. It is now run almost entirely by volunteers, and our local community group charity, ‘Yetton Together’ who lease and run Kirkheaton community centre (not council owned), provide the space it occupies.
We welcome your comments

Kirklees Libraries Consultation 2018 Questionnaire
* The Annual Review 2016- 2017

Over £700 raised for Dementia UK

Jean Broscombe writes:
May I say a huge thankyou to all the people who supported this year’s ‘Time for a Cuppa’ in aid of Dementia UK at Kirkheaton Community Centre.
We made over £715 .00 – final amount to be advertised when all the money is totalled up.
I cannot tell you how much your support is appreciated. To those who attended the event, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Thankyou so much to so many who helped, i don’t want to name them, they know who they are and without them we couldn’t raised such a fantastic sum of money for Dementia UK.

I also wanted to say at the event, but didn’t feel that i could without getting emotional, how fortunate we are in Kirklees to have specialist Admiral nurses. Not all areas in the UK are so fortunate as we are in Kirklees. Rachel, my Admiral nurse (& her husband Dan and daughter Alice) were busy at the event. I honestly wouldn’t have managed these last 5 years without her support.
Being Dementia UK Ambassadors is one way that we can spread the word about the support that there is out there for families facing dementia.

I am hoping to move forward in making Kirkheaton a dementia friendly village – watch this space…………………………

Thanks again and once again thankyou for all your support
Jean and Maureen

Jean(middle) with friend Maureen(l) and Admiral nurse Rachel, with Kirklees mayor,Christine Iredale.

Crime report for first week in March

The person reporting a crime has the right to object to the incident being made public.In which case it cannot be used in the report.This is the case this week.

However, a general overview of activity in the Dalton area should prove useful to residents. See below


Can you help?

Ahh! So comfy!

Chris Hiscocks, aided by her husband Rod, makes dog and cat beds for a number of animal charities. Up to press they have raised over £3,000 for the RSPCA, Dogs Trust and Cat Protection charities,
They request if you have any unwanted duvets, sheets, curtains etc that could be used to make into beds to support these charities, would you please let them know. They are happy to collect locally. Contact them at

Who Dunnit!

There was murder and mayhem at Kirkheaton Community Centre over the weekend! Guests at a party to celebrate the forthcoming marriage of Colonel Mustard and Lady Cynthia Cherry were shocked to learn that the Reverend Green, (who was to have officiated at the wedding) had been bludgeoned to death with a candlestick in his own church just a few hours earlier. Mrs Peacock, a personal friend of the vicar, was distraught and Professor Plum spoke for all the guests when he said how shocked he had been to hear the news.

Dr Grey with Mrs Peacock.( Dr Grey was later unmasked as the murderer!)


But fear not –  It had all  been a put up job by Emley Drama Group enacting one of their Murder Mystery evenings! The murderer was soon apprehended after a great deal of sleuthing by the participants who were then able to enjoy their meal.

The cast – members of Emley Drama Group.

The event was organised by Yetton Together and Bankfield Bakery did the catering.


What’s on in March

Saturday 3rd – ‘Murder Mystery Evening’, 7.30pm Community Centre. Tickets £10 including supper. Contact Lorna Idle on
Monday 5th – Yetton Hub Day Trip to Bygone Times (nr Preston), £12 Call Bev to book 07708999728
Saturday 10th Dementia UK Coffee Afternoon 2 – 4pm Community Centre
Tuesday 13th – Yetton Hub Speaker Evening.  John Hargreaves ‘Yorkshire Slavery’ 7.30pm Community Centre. £2.50 pay on the door.
Saturday 17 th – ‘Easter Fayre’ Kirkwood Hospice Support Group , 2 – 4pm United Church
Sunday 18th – Messy Church for Children and Families, 3.30 – 5pm United Church
Monday 26 th – Yetton Hub Meal Out at Jeremy’s, Brighouse, 7pm.  Call Bev to book 07708999728
Thursday 29 th – History Group Talk, ‘History (and Teaching) of the Chemical Industry in Huddersfield 1820 – 1840’ by Prof. Mike Page, 7.30pm Community Centre, £2.50 on the door.


Art Class, Community Centre 1.30 – 4pm £6.Call Nic on 07980 353 196
Mindfulness Meditation Sessions, Community Centre, 7.30 – 9pm. Call Tim on 07837 128 611

Hatha Yoga, Community Centre 1.30 – 2.30pm £5. Call Michael Sharp 01924 510360
Tai Chi, Community Centre, 3 -4pm.  Call Nicola 07742 528 052

Coffee Plus (term time only – toys, activities for children and coffee & chat for their parents/carers), Kirkheaton Parish Centre, from 9am
Chair Exercise (for people who may find difficulty going to a traditional gym – all ages and abilities welcome), Community Centre, 2 – 3.30pm. £3. Call Lorna Idle 07905 073 982.
Tai Chi, Community Centre, 7 – 8pm. Call Nicola 07742 528052
Senior Citizens Club (over 55s) United Church 7.15pm for entertainment, talks etc £2.50. Call David Lock 01484 302768

Yetty’s Coffee Shop, Community Centre (Fresh coffee and homemade cakes)  2.30 – 4.30pm
Knit & Natter, Community Centre, 2-4pm just come along and join in.
‘The Health Walk’ (~1 hour) meet at the Parish Centre Car Park at 2pm followed by tea & cake in the church until 4pm.
T@2, Kirkheaton Parish Church 2pm – a hot drink and a piece of homemade cake.
Local & Family History Group, Community Centre 6 -7pm.  Call Roger on 07837 412070

Yetty’s Coffee Shop, Community Centre (Fresh coffee and homemade cakes) 3.00 – 4.30pm
Children’s Story Time, under 5’s  2.30 Library
Lego Club, ,3.30- 4.30pm Community Centre
Krash Kids (activities and fun, term time only), 5-11 yr olds, Kirkheaton Parish Centre, from 6.30pm.  Call Claire on 01484 531449 for more info.

Yetty’s Coffee Shop, Community Centre (Fresh coffee and homemade cakes) 10.30am – 12.30pm
Creative Crafts, Community Centre, 10.30 – 12.30 learning and sharing crafting skills.  (Contact Trish 07858 223 854)
ReGen – (fun & activities for secondary aged children, term time only), Kirkheaton Parish Church, from 7.45pm.  Call 01484 531449 for more info.

1st Tuesday – Flower Arranging, Community Centre, 7pm £6.  Call Diane on 07946 400240
1st Thursday – Young at Heart (activities & discussion), Parish Centre from 1.30pm.  Call Claire on 01484 531449 if you need a lift
2nd Tuesday – Mid-Week Service (all welcome), Kirkheaton Parish Church, 10.30am
2nd Tuesday – Yetton Hub Monthly Speaker, Community Centre, 7.30pm, just turn up, £2.50 on the door.  Call Bev 07708 999 728.
2nd Wednesday – Mother’s Union (with guest speaker), Parish Centre at 2pm.  Call Jan Miller on 01484 322441 for more info.
2nd Thursday – Senior Fellowship, Parish Centre at 1.30pm.  Call Claire on 01484 531449 for more info.
3rd Thursday – Lunch Club (home cooked meal), Parish Centre at 12.30pm.  Call Claire on 01484 531449 for more info.
3rd Thursday – Young at Heart Club (home cooked meal), Parish Centre from 10.30pm £4.  Afternoon session 1.30 pm £2 includes light refreshments.  Call Claire on 01484 531449 for more information.
3rd Saturday – Bible Breakfast Club (for families) – toast and cereals followed by a shared story and crafts, Kirkheaton Parish Church, 9.30-10.30.
4th Tuesday – Yetton Together Forum meeting & 200 Club draw, Community Centre, 7.30pm Community Centre
Last Monday – Kirkheaton Bookworms – reading group in Library 7.15.  Contact Lesley 01484 313019
Last Thursday – History Group talk, Community Centre, 7.30pm, £2.50 pay at door


Scam Warning – it could easily be you!

John Lockwood from Armitage Bridge has sent this warning out to show how sophisticated scammers are becoming and how easy it is to be conned.
He writes:
‘We have not had any crimes reported in the village for a while.  However today I had a call from my ‘bank’ on my land line to alert me to what their ‘fraud unit’ believed could be unauthorised activity on my debit card.
The person who called knew my name and bank and gave me list of recent debit card transactions which I confirmed had not been made by me.  I was told the bank would cancel the card and it was necessary for me to log on to on-line banking to check my account to prevent further use of the account.
Before doing this he said he would ring me on my mobile from the bank’s lost / stolen cards official line in order to verify that the call was indeed from the bank.  I did get a call and checked it was from the correct number. This reassured me that the action proposed to close the account was necessary before a new card and account could be set up.

I checked my account and could not see the transactions he had referred to but he said these were held as ‘pending’.  To prevent any further activity he asked me to enter my name as a new payee and he would give me the code for the new account so I could continue to use my account. 
At that point I declined to go any further without going into the bank personally which I said I would do straight away. He informed me that unless the action he had asked for was taken immediately I would be liable for any further withdrawals.
I said I would go straight to the bank and put the phone down.  I rang the lost/stolen cards number at the bank who checked my account and confirmed it was a scam. They could not explain how I got the ‘verifying’ call from their correct official lost/stolen cards number on my mobile.  They said I had done well not to be fooled.  They asked me to inform the police immediately which I did. About half an hour later a member of the local constabulary called on me. I assume that he happened to be in the area.
Although it was a very clever scam I stopped before I provided information that would have given access to my accounts.Please let others know that, if their bank rings to deal with what looks like a series of unauthorised withdrawals, they must always ring the bank on another phone not on the same mob or land line. 


The bank could not explain how the verifying call had come from their official number.  The only explanation given was that scammers are getting very clever!

I hope it is helpful.    JOHN LOCKWOOD


Latest crime report

Interference  with a motor vehicle 15 Feb 2018 1700
Attempt to break into Vauxhall Combo panel van through side door without success. Kirkheaton, HD5

Interference with a motor vehicle15 Feb 2018 2345
Attack driver door lock of Ford Transit snapping barrel and gain entry, alarm sounds alerting neighbour who looked out and suspect make off in a vehicle Kirkheaton, HD5