New 262 bus timetable

Have you been left at the bus stop this week?  Many people were unaware of the changes to the 262 bus timetable which started on 25th July.

But unfortunately if my* experience is anything to go by it may be a new timetable but it’s still the same poor service and poor buses! Despite there being only one bus an hour going to Dewsbury the bus was still 5 minutes late arriving at Huddersfield bus station and then it spent 10 minutes at the traffic lights at the exit to the station as the driver couldn’t release the hand brake!!!

The 262 route seems to be the poor relation of Yorkshire Tiger when compared with the other routes and buses they operate!

Here is the new depleted timetable. Only one bus an hour to Dewsbury
*Editor : this is my personal opinion and not necessarily that of Yetton Together