Local Historical Murder Re-investigated

Wednesday 28 February at 9:15

BBC 1 – Murder, Mystery and My Family

Top criminal barristers Sasha Wass and Jeremy Dein reinvestigate the historic murders of two policemen, and the mysterious case, conviction and execution of Alfred Moore.

Huddersfield, 1951. Two policemen are shot dead in cold blood while staking out the farmhouse of suspected burglar Alfred Moore. Now, nearly 65 years later, Moore’s daughter Bronwyne is convinced of her father’s innocence and teams up with Jeremy and Sasha to investigate the case.

With no murder weapon and a number of other suspects in the frame, notably a local gangster, Jeremy and Sasha have some serious concerns over the conviction. But will it be enough to clear the family name?


Council’s reply to recycling site eyesore

Council officials write:
We have contacted the contractor who has informed us that the layby site [on New Road] is emptied fortnightly and they will continue to do so on our request until further notice.
The cricket club site is emptied once every 3 weeks.  However, this fills up less often so the banks are often not full when the schedule time for empyting comes around so for the time being we have asked the contractor to change the schedule of emptying this bank to a monthly collection.  Because this site isn’t fully utilised there is little point in moving more banks to this location as this would result in more banks being ignored and left half full such as the one which is currently located here.

We do not want to remove either site as many of the people who use it are likely to live in remote parts of Kirklees and therefore removing one or more of the sites would create a bigger gap than just the residential area of Kirkheaton.

We have asked waste advisor colleagues to monitor both sites in case they need emptying more often and to also check for fly tipping.

There is already a recycling site in the Colne Bridge area and this is located near to the Royal & Ancient public house on Dalton Bank Road.  It will not be necessary to provide another site so close to this one and if one was placed in an industrial estate this could encourage trade waste dumping rather than household use.

As for lowering the visual impact of the sites, this is contrary to what we need to do in order to encourage people to recycle and advertise the places where they can recycle glass bottles and jars in their local area.  The visual impact is part of the message that we need to put across to members of the public and therefore hiding away recycling banks where people cannot see or find them would be detrimental to increasing awareness and the amount diverted from their domestic bins.


What’s on in March

Saturday 3rd – ‘Murder Mystery Evening’, 7.30pm Community Centre. Tickets £10 including supper. Contact Lorna Idle on l.idle1@virginmedia.com.
Monday 5th – Yetton Hub Day Trip to Bygone Times (nr Preston), £12 Call Bev to book 07708999728
Saturday 10th Dementia UK Coffee Afternoon 2 – 4pm Community Centre
Tuesday 13th – Yetton Hub Speaker Evening.  John Hargreaves ‘Yorkshire Slavery’ 7.30pm Community Centre. £2.50 pay on the door.
Saturday 17 th – ‘Easter Fayre’ Kirkwood Hospice Support Group , 2 – 4pm United Church
Sunday 18th – Messy Church for Children and Families, 3.30 – 5pm United Church
Monday 26 th – Yetton Hub Meal Out at Jeremy’s, Brighouse, 7pm.  Call Bev to book 07708999728
Thursday 29 th – History Group Talk, ‘History (and Teaching) of the Chemical Industry in Huddersfield 1820 – 1840’ by Prof. Mike Page, 7.30pm Community Centre, £2.50 on the door.


Art Class, Community Centre 1.30 – 4pm £6.Call Nic on 07980 353 196
Mindfulness Meditation Sessions, Community Centre, 7.30 – 9pm. Call Tim on 07837 128 611

Hatha Yoga, Community Centre 1.30 – 2.30pm £5. Call Michael Sharp 01924 510360
Tai Chi, Community Centre, 3 -4pm.  Call Nicola 07742 528 052

Coffee Plus (term time only – toys, activities for children and coffee & chat for their parents/carers), Kirkheaton Parish Centre, from 9am
Chair Exercise (for people who may find difficulty going to a traditional gym – all ages and abilities welcome), Community Centre, 2 – 3.30pm. £3. Call Lorna Idle 07905 073 982.
Tai Chi, Community Centre, 7 – 8pm. Call Nicola 07742 528052
Senior Citizens Club (over 55s) United Church 7.15pm for entertainment, talks etc £2.50. Call David Lock 01484 302768

Yetty’s Coffee Shop, Community Centre (Fresh coffee and homemade cakes)  2.30 – 4.30pm
Knit & Natter, Community Centre, 2-4pm just come along and join in.
‘The Health Walk’ (~1 hour) meet at the Parish Centre Car Park at 2pm followed by tea & cake in the church until 4pm.
T@2, Kirkheaton Parish Church 2pm – a hot drink and a piece of homemade cake.
Local & Family History Group, Community Centre 6 -7pm.  Call Roger on 07837 412070

Yetty’s Coffee Shop, Community Centre (Fresh coffee and homemade cakes) 3.00 – 4.30pm
Children’s Story Time, under 5’s  2.30 Library
Lego Club, ,3.30- 4.30pm Community Centre
Krash Kids (activities and fun, term time only), 5-11 yr olds, Kirkheaton Parish Centre, from 6.30pm.  Call Claire on 01484 531449 for more info.

Yetty’s Coffee Shop, Community Centre (Fresh coffee and homemade cakes) 10.30am – 12.30pm
Creative Crafts, Community Centre, 10.30 – 12.30 learning and sharing crafting skills.  (Contact Trish 07858 223 854)
ReGen – (fun & activities for secondary aged children, term time only), Kirkheaton Parish Church, from 7.45pm.  Call 01484 531449 for more info.

1st Tuesday – Flower Arranging, Community Centre, 7pm £6.  Call Diane on 07946 400240
1st Thursday – Young at Heart (activities & discussion), Parish Centre from 1.30pm.  Call Claire on 01484 531449 if you need a lift
2nd Tuesday – Mid-Week Service (all welcome), Kirkheaton Parish Church, 10.30am
2nd Tuesday – Yetton Hub Monthly Speaker, Community Centre, 7.30pm, just turn up, £2.50 on the door.  Call Bev 07708 999 728.
2nd Wednesday – Mother’s Union (with guest speaker), Parish Centre at 2pm.  Call Jan Miller on 01484 322441 for more info.
2nd Thursday – Senior Fellowship, Parish Centre at 1.30pm.  Call Claire on 01484 531449 for more info.
3rd Thursday – Lunch Club (home cooked meal), Parish Centre at 12.30pm.  Call Claire on 01484 531449 for more info.
3rd Thursday – Young at Heart Club (home cooked meal), Parish Centre from 10.30pm £4.  Afternoon session 1.30 pm £2 includes light refreshments.  Call Claire on 01484 531449 for more information.
3rd Saturday – Bible Breakfast Club (for families) – toast and cereals followed by a shared story and crafts, Kirkheaton Parish Church, 9.30-10.30.
4th Tuesday – Yetton Together Forum meeting & 200 Club draw, Community Centre, 7.30pm Community Centre
Last Monday – Kirkheaton Bookworms – reading group in Library 7.15.  Contact Lesley 01484 313019
Last Thursday – History Group talk, Community Centre, 7.30pm, £2.50 pay at door


Scam Warning – it could easily be you!

John Lockwood from Armitage Bridge has sent this warning out to show how sophisticated scammers are becoming and how easy it is to be conned.
He writes:
‘We have not had any crimes reported in the village for a while.  However today I had a call from my ‘bank’ on my land line to alert me to what their ‘fraud unit’ believed could be unauthorised activity on my debit card.
The person who called knew my name and bank and gave me list of recent debit card transactions which I confirmed had not been made by me.  I was told the bank would cancel the card and it was necessary for me to log on to on-line banking to check my account to prevent further use of the account.
Before doing this he said he would ring me on my mobile from the bank’s lost / stolen cards official line in order to verify that the call was indeed from the bank.  I did get a call and checked it was from the correct number. This reassured me that the action proposed to close the account was necessary before a new card and account could be set up.

I checked my account and could not see the transactions he had referred to but he said these were held as ‘pending’.  To prevent any further activity he asked me to enter my name as a new payee and he would give me the code for the new account so I could continue to use my account. 
At that point I declined to go any further without going into the bank personally which I said I would do straight away. He informed me that unless the action he had asked for was taken immediately I would be liable for any further withdrawals.
I said I would go straight to the bank and put the phone down.  I rang the lost/stolen cards number at the bank who checked my account and confirmed it was a scam. They could not explain how I got the ‘verifying’ call from their correct official lost/stolen cards number on my mobile.  They said I had done well not to be fooled.  They asked me to inform the police immediately which I did. About half an hour later a member of the local constabulary called on me. I assume that he happened to be in the area.
Although it was a very clever scam I stopped before I provided information that would have given access to my accounts.Please let others know that, if their bank rings to deal with what looks like a series of unauthorised withdrawals, they must always ring the bank on another phone not on the same mob or land line. 


The bank could not explain how the verifying call had come from their official number.  The only explanation given was that scammers are getting very clever!

I hope it is helpful.    JOHN LOCKWOOD


Latest crime report

Interference  with a motor vehicle 15 Feb 2018 1700
Attempt to break into Vauxhall Combo panel van through side door without success. Kirkheaton, HD5

Interference with a motor vehicle15 Feb 2018 2345
Attack driver door lock of Ford Transit snapping barrel and gain entry, alarm sounds alerting neighbour who looked out and suspect make off in a vehicle Kirkheaton, HD5

Colne Bridge tragedy commemoration week comes to a close

The Colne Bridge mill fire commemoration.
Richard Heath , who is the brains behind the Commemoration events, writes:I

Following the church service on Saturday 10th Feb, many people have voiced their appreciation for a poignant and moving event marking the bicentenary of a disaster that took the lives of 17 young girls.
Whilst I truly value their comments I am keen to stress that all made possible through the mutual cooperation of many groups and individuals, the community of Kirkheaton and the many visitors who came from far and wide.
The service, which attracted nearly 200 people, was attended by the Mayor of Kirklees Cllr Christine Iredale and the Shadow Fire Minister, Karen Lee, Labour MP for Lincoln.
Karen Lee addressed the congregation and spoke of how fire safety has greatly improved over the years but added also that new lessons can be learned and improvements made. Cllr Iredale also gave an impassioned speech on the tragedy.
In the following week on Wednesday, the 14th, the precise date on which the anniversary fell, the Mayor held a minutes silence before the Council prior to the opening of business.
On the same day   a ten strong candle lit vigil took place at the former site of Atkinson’s mill. At exactly 5am, the lighted candles brought a comforting glow to a place as dark and lonely as it would have been on that same hour when the fire broke out 200 years ago.
Rev Ian Jones who led the Saturday service said that it would be difficult to name all those who had worked so hard to make this most memorable day, but he rightfully commended the Fire Service and the Service Band who made the occasion so special.
In the churchyard, wreaths were laid at the memorial by UNISON, and Huddersfield TUC. The Fire Service also placed one on the communal grave.
The large gravestone which bears each of the girls’ names alongside those of their parents was recently cleaned by Monumental Mason, Robert Morphet, who took great pride in making the inscriptions legible again.
As in many events, much credit is owed to those who were out of the glare of publicity.
Following the eleventh hour closure of the Beaumont Arms, caterers Tracey Sharp and Paula Priestley were drafted in and worked like Trojans early that morning to provide a freshly made buffet which was enjoyed by all.
Out in the field the conservation group CLEAR, which is a part of Community Links are working on a memorial garden on the canal towpath at Colne Bridge. This dedicated work will continue into the summer. Later in the year it will be complimented by an artwork created by the schoolchildren of Salendine Nook under the leadership of locally based, Artworks Creative Communities and Canal & River Trust.
On Saturday 17th Feb, the Colne Bridge mill fire commemoration week drew to a close with a supper and music at an enjoyable informal evening at the Royal & Ancient, Colne Bridge, courtesy of managers Craig Lloyd and Steve Jones. A plaque was unveiled by Roger Armitage of the Kirkheaton History Society.
I have no doubt that the memory of this commemoration will live on forever in the minds of those who attended. Come the Tricentenery, one hundred years’ from now, historians might look back in wonder of what was achieved by a small team backed up by great community.

Richard Heath.