60 new houses planned for Cockley Hill

Proposed housing off Cockley Hill

Proposed housing off Cockley Hill

Hartley Properties have put in an application to Kirklees Council for 60 new houses on agricultural land off Cockley Hill Lane.The houses proposed would be a mixture of terraced, semis and detached. A small public area is also planned.

Click here to see the application in full

Comments on the application need to be with the council by Wednesday 16th July

6 thoughts on “60 new houses planned for Cockley Hill

  1. I understand that Hartley Properties have two brown field sites in the village which should be developed before even contemplating using green field land. Their two sites – The old mill site on Shop Lane and Jarmains off Crossley Lane, have been eyesores for a number of years now and if Hartleys are allowed to build at Cockley Hill these sites will continue to be neglected.

  2. My thoughts are that the traffic would be the issue in a small
    Village for the mill site . Can we not see if there any lottery grants to create parklands or woodlands to help the habitat around the area.
    We need to look at investing in the old train station to have a local station again to link Huddersfield and Wakefield to reduce traffic in the village . Stop HS2 and put the money in re opening local stations . Reduce traffic on roads for our next generations , think big and long term
    We have a huge number of derelict houses that builders should be encouraged to develop as part of the planning consents as well as more affordable houses .

  3. Just a thought on the reason why Hartley’s have chosen to pursue a planning application for 60 houses on a greenfield site rather that the three brown field sites they own in the village. I think they are being opportunistic and cynically exploiting Kirklees vulnerability in not having a 5 year land bank to gain planning permission for a site they know in normal circumstances would not probably be allowed. They know that planning permission for the brown field sites will be relatively easy to obtain but after that has been granted it will be more difficult to justify additional housing on a green field site. By obtaining outline planning permission at this stage for the greenfield site they would be in the position to build on all sites.

  4. Is there a way we can encourage as many people as possible in the village to oppose the planning permission at Cockley Hill? I have an invested interest in this living close by. However, a site of 60 dwellings could increase the number of residents in the village anywhere between 150 and 400 people, with possibly an increase of 60 to 150 cars. This would increase the risk of road traffic accidents and pollution and put a strain on local amenities. As already mentioned Hartleys already have planning permission on three brown field sites so it goes without saying that if they are granted permission for Cockley Hill which is green belt land, then they would only build on their exisiting land at a later date adding further to the village which will soon lose it’s village status and risk an increase in pollution, crime. You have to ask why they are going for additional land which is green field, that has already been denied planning permission once, and not building on that which they own already. I would like to see the reasons for planning permission on the site at Cockley Hill being refused previously, and what if anything has changed about that?!

  5. I have just been made aware of this development. We are in the process of potentially buying a house in Newbury Walk so this issue is of concern to me.

    I firmly oppose this development and am happy to join with others in complaining. I believe my father Richard Howitt has taken an interest in this issue before.

  6. I don’t understand why Kirklees council can give further planning permission to a building company who already had permission to develop in the village and has not even started the existing projects. Before any further permissions are given they should see these developments finished, the quality of the housing provided and the impact these have on the village. With the school, doctors and roads stretched to capacity what is the point of planning more housing without better infrastructure. As I write the traffic lights are back at the bottom of the village and at 8.30am the queue stretched right back up to the newsagents. I also agree about the station – good point.

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