The monthly draw of the Yetton Together 200 Club takes place on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 at the YT Open Forum. The venue is  the Community Centre on Fields Rise.

Yetton Together’s 200 Club has just  come to the end of its fourth year.
Click here to see the accounts for Year 2 July 2013 to June 2014

The concept of the club is simple. You buy a numbered ‘share’ (for £12 per year) which is put into a monthly draw with 3 chances to win. This gives the ‘shareholder’ 36 chances of winning some money – up to £50* per month over the year. Half the money raised in subscriptions is given back to shareholders in prizes and the rest is used for community projects. At the moment it is being used towards buying 20 extra hanging baskets for the village.

Winners are announced on the website and also posted up in the PO, Community Centre and Krishan’s newsagents.

At present the club has 190 members. Can you help us make it a true 200 Club? Application forms can be downloaded here

* Prize money is dependant on number of members in that month

Year 1 2012 – 13
Year 2 2013 -14
Year 3 2014 15
Year 4 2016 -17

* Maximum – Prize money depends on the number of paid up ‘shareholders’ that month.