Chol Theatre’s project – ‘Quirkheaton’ took place during half term. It was partly funded by Yetton Together and by Kirklees Council.
QuirkheatonRebecca, the organiser from Chol Theatre writes:

QUIRKHEATON: Tales from a Unique Village
During February half term I had the pleasure of working with residents young and old from Kirkheaton, a place (that I must admit) I didn’t know that much about.  I had been in conversation with Eric Hutchinson for over a year about doing something in collaboration with Yetton Together and I was so pleased that all the planning and idea generation was coming to fruition.
Half term is a tricky time, especially for our target audience, 12-18 year olds.  Families are busy with holidays, teenagers like to sleep in but we persevered, leafleting households, dropping off information at schools, putting articles in the newspaper and bombarding social media.  Our hard work resulted in a small, yet lovely group: a mixture of teenagers, younger children and some dedicated local volunteers, collectively aged 8-80 years of age.  It was an amazing (and unplanned!) opportunity to do some fantastic inter generational creative work.
Our week of activities was hosted at Kirkheaton Library but incorporated the whole village, as we took to the streets to gain our inspirations.  We took photographs, collected stories and used our imaginations to fill in the rest.  The result was “Quirkheaton”, a unique walking trail of the village which incorporated stories (both real and imagined!) that were lovingly told by residents themselves and shared on a brilliantly sunny Friday afternoon in February.
We received wonderful feedback from participants, parents and audience who are all eager for similar work to happen in the future and I’m sure with the enthusiasm and hard work of Yetton Together this will be a reality.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of it, and good luck luck in future endeavours.

Rebecca Legg
Artist, Chol Theatre