Residents at the public meeting

Residents at the public meeting

On Thursday, 6th November over 50 people came to a meeting at Kirkheaton Community Centre to look at current and proposed housing developments in the area. The meeting was called by the local community association, Yetton Together. At the end of the evening 15 people volunteered to come together to explore the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.
“We wanted to gauge the strength of feeling about the current housing that is planned,” said Trish Mellor, Chair of Yetton Together, “and to give information on what is happening. We also wanted to see what interest there was in looking to how community can influence present and future housing. I’m absolutely delighted that there was overwhelming support for the idea and that so many people have stepped forward to form this new group.”

The meeting was addressed by planning expert, Professor Roberts, Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster and Professor Emeritus at the University of Leeds. He explained that in order to have any say over what kind of housing and other developments happen in the area a properly researched plan was necessary.

“We need a local one,” he explained, “because Kirklees does not have an adopted Local Development Framework or approved Core Strategy.

Professor Roberts, who lives in the village continued, “I’d rather we try to shape our own destiny, than wait for Kirklees to do it for us. If we identify land for leisure, open use, and use such as small businesses it will be a significant step. If adopted, a Neighbourhood Plan becomes a binding planning document, and will help guide and shape the future.”

“Without this we will not have a voice,” adds Mrs Mellor, “so it is excellent that so many new volunteers stepped forward to begin this important work.”

Yetton Together will continue to support this new group as it becomes established. Parish and Ward Councillors are also giving their backing.

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