Over half term Kirkheaton library was very privileged to host a talk by Cathy Cassidy the children’s author. Despite the fact that she was suffering with a bad cold Cathy talked about daydreaming and asked the young people present if they got into trouble at school for daydreaming. In her opinion day dreaming is so important it should be on the school curriculum.

She told us how she used mood boards to define characters and ideas before she starts a novel and keeps it close and adds to it during the writing process.

Her latest novel is a story about a young man’s journey from war-torn Syria to Britain and Cathy made the characters in it very real for all of us. There was a lot of interest from the young people in the audience and all the questions were answered imaginatively and with humour by Cathy.

After her talk Cathy signed books. Despite being grown up my granddaughter, (an avid reader of all Cathy’s books as a youngster but now at university), was thrilled to get a copy of her favourite book signed by her, on her 21st birthday two days later.
Perhaps daydreaming should also part of university curricula as well!                                                   by A Kirkheaton Library volunteer & grandmother