Megan Brook & Paige McTighe honing their canoeing skills

Four young people who attend Kirkheaton Youth Club which is run by Kirklees YSS, took part in a four day residential trip to the  small village of Bazzers in the South of France earlier this year. This included canoeing down the local river – the River Orb

Carol Morley, Kirklees youth leader writes :The trip was aimed to help the young people gain independent skills. They were given a limited budget to buy food to cook for themselves, had to  do without TV and mobile phones and build new relationships with other young people from another youth group.

Nice to relax!

They also learnt a lot of new skills in relation to the canoeing. Working in pairs, they travelled about  12 miles down the River Orb in fast moving water under the instructions of our Adventurous Activities Team.

Throughout the days there was a lot of fun with both  the young people and staff capsizing. The scary parts was going down the rapids!

The young people will be receiving an AQA accreditation for taking part in a residential course and also the British Canoeing Unit One Award.

Staff and young people agreed that the trip had been fantastic and gone extremely well and everyone had had a brilliant time.