THEFT FROM DWELLING 11 Feb 2019 0900 Tenant who has been given notice to vacate, has caused damage to inside of property and left with property belonging to landlord DALTON FOLD ROAD, DALTON, HD5 9NL
BURGLARY RESIDENTIAL 14 Feb 2019 0900 Approach rear of ground floor flat and with crow bar type tool attempt to open wooden framed window. Frame sticks so no entry gained. Suspect makes off. LONGFIELD AVENUE, DALTON, HD5 9LF
BURGLARY RESIDENTIAL 15 Feb 2019 2200 Enter rear garden, go to shed, remove plastic window gaining entry and steal power saw. LONG LANE, DALTON, HD5 9LL
BURGLARY RESIDENTIAL 17 Feb 2019 0001 Break into garden shed and steal two mountain bicycles and make off with them. LONG LANE, DALTON, HD5 9LH

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In which case it cannot be used in the report. However, a general overview of activity in our area is below which I hope will prove useful.

Burglary residential Victim is asleep in the house when suspect attempted to enter the house via the front door damaging windows before making off in a black car.