Dalton Ward Crime report 17th March 2019

GOOD NEWS There are no incident to report in either section this week.


Dalton Ward Crime report 24th March 2019

Burglary b & c 19 Mar 2019 1210
Two suspects enter the building by causing damage to metal sheet. Once inside the property the males walk around videoing before beimg disturbed and making off. Dalton Grange Club,

Burglary Residential 20 Mar 2019 0130
Victim had left his address, on his return victim notices his front door had been attacked, locks damaged, internal doors opened and 2 front door keys stolen. Brown Royd Avenue,

Please note.
The person reporting a crime has the right to object to the incident being made public, In which case it cannot be used in the report. However, a general overview of activity in our area is below which I hope will prove useful.

Burglary residential smash side patio door window gaining entry, make untidy search and cause damage to inside of the property. Exit as entry and make off in vehicle. Unknown if items stolen.