Burglary B&C 07 Jan 2019 1100 Rip padlock off shed door and prise it open. Items disturbed & power tool cases moved but nothing taken. Long Lane, Dalton,
Burglary residential 07 Jan 2019 1230 Go to the rear of the house, enter the conservatory via an unlocked door. Suspects steal a TV from inside the conservatory and leave via the rear conservatory door. Briarfield Gardens, Dalton,
Burglary residential 08 Jan 2019 1415 Enter rear garden via adjacent garden, smash rear patio door gaining entry. Make untidy search and steal, laptop computers, play station, iPad, iPhone and DVD. Long Lane, Dalton,

Please note.
The person reporting a crime has the right to object to the incident being made public, in which case it cannot be used in the report. However, a general overview of activity in our area is below which I  hope will prove useful.

Theft of vehicle Steal Vauxhall Corsa parked in car park of community centre, believed using keys previously lost by owner.
Interference with m/v Approach locked and unattended vehicle, gain entry by unknown means causing no damage, nothing stolen from within, make off unseen
Theft from vehicle Arrive in a vehicle at a building site, alight and approach comp veh which has been left open and unlocked. Steal property from comp and place into their own and make off, comp saw suspect getting back into f/p/s as veh made off
Theft from person Suspect approaches victim walking along the street. Suspect then removes mobile phone from handbag and makes off unseen with stolen phone £400.00.