Dalton Ward Report 7th April 2019

Burglary residential 05 Apr 2019 1330 Jemmy the rear upvc door to disturb the hinges. Kick the bottom of the door causing damage, but were disturbed by occupants. Suspects made off in a white hatchback. Nether Hall Avenue,


Please note.

The person reporting a crime has the right to object to the incident being made public,

In which case it cannot be used in the report. However, a general overview of activity in our area is below which I hope will prove useful.

Burglary residential Damage garden gate and gain entry to complainants shed but nothing believed stolen.
Burglary residential Go to side patio doors, smash single pane on left door, enter, make untidy search of the house and steal a bank card, cash and fudge.
Burglary residential Attack back upvc door displacing bottom panel, enter, make untidy search of upstairs bedrooms and make off.  No property taken
Theft of pedal cycle Steal complainant’s bike from communal hallway outside address and make off with same unseen.