Burglary residential 05 Nov 2018 0000 Suspects have attacked and snapped a euro profile lock. Suspects have not gained entry and have made off. Holays, Dalton,
Theft of vehicle 06 Nov 2018 2200 Victim parks Suzuki SV with a steering lock on. Suspect/s steal it and make off.

It is later found by a member of the public and recovered by the owner.

Broad Lane, Dalton,
Theft of pedal cycle 06 Nov 2018 2215 A man just returned home on his pedal cycle and has left it at the rear of the property whilst he unloaded some shopping, a number of males turned up in a BMW and stole the bike. Town Place,
Burglary residential 08 Nov 2018 2200 Force open rear kitchen window breaking the glass and forcing the frame and internal lock. Enter the property via the forced window opening and steal a single jewellery box from the living room. Exit as entry Teddington Avenue, Dalton,

Please note.

The person reporting a crime has the right to object to the incident being made public,

In which case it cannot be used in the report. However, a general overview of activity in our area is below which I hope will prove useful.


Burglary residential Attempted to gain entry by snapping euro profile lock,  but have failed to gain entry.
Theft of vehicle Steal Aprilla RS4 left parked with disc lock in place.
Theft non specific Three unknown suspects enter recycling centre and steal three electrical items and make off in a Ford Fiesta..
Theft non specific Suspects enter yard, fill vehicle up with timber, looks as though he is going into reception to pay, however turns round, gets back in vehicle and drives off with property.