Question: People representing groups in the Dalton Ward meet every few months but often don’t know each other.  How could we change things?

Answer: Get them together for a ‘Getting to Know You’ weekend.

With the help of Northern College [also known as Wentworth Castle, Barnsley], who hosted the weekend away, a good mix of eighteen adults consisting of volunteers, paid workers, Councillors and 6 children, recently enjoyed meeting up with other people from the ward.

Lorna Idle from Kirkheaton writes:
This gave us the opportunity and time to find out more about each other, what we did in our communities and enabled us to investigate how we could work together to make the Dalton Ward (of which Kirkheaton is a part) a better place to live and work for ourselves and our families. Thanks to the children’s centre on site, parents were able to fully participate in these discussions which covered: safety, funding, resources – both buildings and people – and plans for our future.

People enjoyed it so much there was talk of making it an annual event – but who knows – Watch this space!”

Note: Individuals over the age of 18 years are able to visit the College and enjoy the many courses – educational, general and social.  Many courses are free of charge including your accommodation.  Take a look at their website to find out more: