16-dec-freda-trigg_edited-1Freda Trigg, nee Hirst, died In November after a relatively short illness. Freda spent most of her life in the village. She went to ‘the big school’- now demolished, and started work at the local blacksmith‘s (on the site of Kirkheaton Engineering) as a 14 year old. Later she went into the WRAC where she met her husband, John. They spent a number of years abroad with the army and then returned to Kirkheaton.

Freda was well known by many people. Some more senior villagers will have known her a s a child – she lived at the Post Office owned and run by her parents and told many a tale of life there. How her Mum had to sit under the stairs to answer the telephone to write down telegram messages and how the local boys used to queue up after school in the hope of earning sixpence by delivering the same telegrams to far flung places such as Lascelles Hall and Upper Heaton!

Other people will remember her as an insurance agent collecting her weekly dues and more recently as an indefatigable supporter of Kirkwood Hospice. She was secretary of the local support group for many years and gave her time and energy to the Hospice after her husband died there.

She also was an amazing source of local history knowledge about life in the mid twentieth century in Kirkheaton. She had stories  to tell of the fierce lady who oversaw the drapery department of Field Head Coop, of the goings on in the Anderson shelter in the rectory grounds during school air raid practice in WW2 and many more.

She will be greatly missed by many of us.