Spring Bank Weekend saw much activity in a usually sleepy, secluded part of Kirkheaton – Kirk Vale. Not just one event but three, attracted crowds to the area! Besides the traditional Fair [one of Yorkshire’s oldest] and the well established Arts Festival (now in its 12th year) the Beaumont Arms put on their KirkFest! -Live musicians (on a temporary stage) vegan takeaways, BBQ and outdoor bars entertained a large audience.
The music on offer in the church was a little less high octane – Saturday’s visitors to the arts and crafts festival were entertained by Newsome Gospel Choir along with other musicians and Sunday saw the turn of younger musicians.
Visitors over the weekend were treated to an array of exhibits including paintings, felt work, glassware, photography and woodwork. There was some exquisite work on show from Huddersfield Embroiderers Guild who were on hand to demonstrate their skills. Many of the artists and exhibitors are local including pupils from Dalton and Kirkheaton Primary Schools, so it is nice to see what talent we have around.

Monday ‘s occasional  bursts of heavy rain dampened the enthusiasm of some of the fair goers but they were able to visit the last day of the Arts Festival in the church where they were very well entertained by Imogen Aust [14 years] who sang a variety of traditional and popular songs.