Despite the hot weather the hanging baskets are providing a lovely splash of colour to our village environment. YT has financed 20* of the baskets at the cost of over £1000 through the generosity of members of the 200 Club . Now that the old lamppost in the centre of the village have been replaced we will be moving some of the baskets there [near the chemist’s] in the near future. [The old lampposts were not strong enough to hang the baskets on]

*The other 8 [cup and saucer design] are provided by Kirkburton Parish Council.

The new 200 Club year starts again at the beginning of September so soon we will be asking people to renew their subscriptions. We do hope that others will join the club too so we can make it a truly 200 Club – this year 181 numbers were sold.

The concept of the club is simple. You buy a numbered ‘share’ (for £12 per year) which is put into a monthly draw with 3 chances to win. This gives the ‘shareholder’ 36 chances of winning some money – up to £50** per month over the year. Half the money raised in subscriptions is given back to shareholders in prizes and the rest is used for community projects. At the moment it is being used towards buying 20 extra hanging baskets for the village.

Winners are announced on the website and also posted up in the PO, Community Centre and local newsagents.

** dependent on number of subscribers

Download an application form here