Editor: Over the last few weeks angels have been making an appearance all over Kirkheaton. Where had they come from and who put them there? It was a bit of a mystery- now all is revealed.

Back in September two members of Kirkheaton Parish Church happened to be talking about knitting, the conversation evolved and an idea was conceived.
The two ladies agreed what a wonderful idea it would be if people in our community happened to find an angel, perhaps on their doorstep, pushed through a letterbox or even resting in the garden. This angel would bring wishes from Kirkheaton Parish Church, reaching out to many people in the community. A warm surprise.

The idea grew, gaining momentum, gaining volunteer knitters, not only from the church but also from other community groups. Gift tags were given to each angel and so the distribution of over 200 angels commenced.

The feedback from recipients of angels has been so encouraging. People finding them on days when perhaps things weren’t going particularly well, some people who perhaps can’t get out of the house have received one, giving them love and showing that they are in the thoughts of others.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed in anyway to this particular mission.
Christmas Blessings to all, from Kirkheaton Parish Church.