The front of this property in Shop lane has probably changed little in the last 100 years. Originally the ground floor was a linen drapery shop owned by Edward Pexton and later his son Frank. An advert of 1937 stated that the business was founded in 1834; this would have been by Frank’s great grandfather John Stocks who died in 1882. The business passed to his daughter Martha , the wife of Joseph Pexton (blacksmith). Edward Pexton was the son of Joseph and Martha.

In later years Frank had the single storey shop on the left built for the drapery business whilst he continued his tailoring business on the upper floor of the shop pictured above. Following Frank’s retirement Doreen Shelton continued a drapery and knitting wool business in the small shop followed Trish Mellor when it was called Stitches.  Today it is owned by Aspect hairdressers.

A 1953 photograph shows a single storey house on the left hand side of the building above. This was later demolished by Douglas Cooper when he modified the side of the property to form a butcher’s shop, the front of which is still evident today. Successful for a number of years it finally closed along with all the village butchers.

If anyone has further information or memories we would like to hear from you.

John Taylor Kirkheaton History Group