Bread in a wide variety of forms has been baked since the dawn of civilisation.
Oatcakes and oatbread were often preferred in the north of England and Kirkheaton had its own oatcake baker. Dan Roebuck started his oatcake business at 34 Shop Lane in 1873 and continued until the early years of the 20th century. Beer was used as a raising agent and Dan was licensed to brew for his own use.

In the early part of the 20th century many Kirkheaton housewives baked their own bread but as they took on work in the mills and elsewhere many would resort to buying bread from local bakers.

Before WW2 Kirkheaton had two bakers – one at the bottom of  Moorside Road, famed for its oven bottom cakes and Hunters at Beaumont Square which was taken over by JM Fisher around 1946.

He was advertising produce baked on the premises from 1948 to 1953. Hadfields of Dalton took over in late 1953 until 1957 when the business was sold. The new owners retained the Hadfield name but moved baking to Milnsbridge. The bakery is now part of Shaw’s hairdressing salon.

Now Bankfield Bakery and The Bread Basket continue the tradition of selling freshly baked bread in the village.

This article is the first in a Local History series by John Taylor – member of Kirkheaton Local & Family History group