Click on the name of the soldier to bring up his World War One history.

Listed/Not listed indicates whether that soldier appears on the war memorial in Kirkheaton Parish Church

AINLEY Hefford William Ernest    Listed
AMBLER William Edgar                Listed
ARMITAGE Arthur William            Listed
ASHWORTH Edwin                      Not Listed
ASPIN William Thomas                 Listed
BAGGS Samuel                             Listed
BALL William Henry                       Listed
BARKER Charles Victor                 Listed
BARRITT Norman Gomersall         Listed
BAXTER John William                    Listed
BEAUMONT Eric Gordon                Not listed
BEDFORD George                          Listed
BENTLEY Charles Edward              Listed
BERRY Harry                                   Not listed
BIGGINS Frank                                Not listed
BLAND Thomas William                   Not Listed
BOSTOCK William                            Listed
BROADHEAD Arthur                         Listed
BROADHEAD Willie                          Listed
BROOK Thomas Walter                    Listed
BROOKE James Willie                      Listed
BROOKS Albert Edward                    Listed
BURNLEY Albert                                Listed
CARLTON Herbert                              Listed
CARTER Alfred                                   Listed
CARTER Harry Lodge                        Not Listed
CARTWRIGHT Charles Oscar           Not Listed
CARTWRIGHT Gordon                      Not Listed
CHAPPELL Arthur                              Listed
CLARKSON Joseph                           Listed
CLIFFE James Willie                          Listed
COWGILL Willie                                  Listed
CROSSLEY Robert Clifford                Listed
DAGG Hewson                                   Listed
DONALDSON-KAYE Charles William Listed
DYSON Frank Crossley                     Listed
DYSON John Rowland                      Listed
EARNSHAW Albert                           Listed
FEARNLEY Anthony                         Listed
FIRTH Leonard                                 Listed
FRANCE Archer                               Listed
GARNER Albert                                Not Listed
GARTHWAITE Edgar                        Listed
GARTHWAITE Jack                          Listed
GRANGE Charles Samuel                Not Listed
GREENWOOD Tom                          Not Listed
GRIMES Robert                                Listed
HAIGH Arthur                                    Listed
HAIGH Harry                                     Not listed
HAIGH Herbert
HARDY John Henry                          Listed
HALL George                                    Not Listed
HARDY Victor                                   Not Listed
HARTLEY Harry                                Listed
HAW Herbert Edward                        Listed
HELLAWELL Ernest                          Not Listed
HEPWORTH Leslie                           Listed
HEPWORTH Wilfred                         Listed
HILL Frank                                        Listed
HILL Lewis                                        Listed
HILLINGWORTH Edgar A                Not Listed
HODGSON Fred                               Listed
HOLMES Sidney                               Listed
HOLROYD George Linford               Listed
HOLT Benjamin                                Not Listed
HOUGHLAND William Thomas       Listed
HOWARTH John                             Listed
HUDSON Fred                                Listed
INMAN George Hamilton                Listed
JOHNSEY Herbert                          Listed
JONES Arthur Thomas                   Not Listed
JONES Percival Martin                   Listed
KAYE Arthur                                    Listed
KAYE James Edward                      Listed
KELAVEY Lawrence                       Not Listed
KINGSTON Thomas                        Listed
LOCKWOOD Frank                         Listed
LODGE  Percy                                 Not Listed
LUCAS Joseph                                 Not Listed
MALLINSON Frank Baxter                Listed
MALLINSON Wilfred                         Listed
MCQUILLEN John                             Not Listed
MENZIES James A                            Not Listed
MILNES Stanley                                 Listed
MITTON Norman                                Not Listed
MOORHOUSE Ernest Brummit          Not Listed
MORRIS James William                     Listed
MOXON David                                   Listed
OLDROYD Charles Edgar                 Not on List
PEARSON George                            Listed
PEARSON John Alfred                      Not Listed
PEXTON George Ernest
PRICE Allen                                      Not Listed
PRIESTLEY Louis (Lewis)                Listed
SANDLAND  John                    Listed
SCHOFIELD James Albert         Listed
SCHOLEFIELD Henry                Listed
SCHOLES Harry                        Listed
SECKER Friend                        Listed
SENIOR Clement                      Not Listed
SHARPE Herbert William          Listed
SHAW Percy                             Listed
SHEARD Stanley                      Not Listed
SHIRTCLIFFE Harry                  Listed
SMITH John Benson                 Listed
SPENCE Frederick                   Not Listed
SPENCE Norman                      Not Listed
SPIVEY Ernest Edwin               Listed
SPIVEY Herbert Henry              Listed
STAFFORD Jonathan                Not Listed
STAVERT Alexander                  Listed
SWALLOW Arthur                     Listed
SWALLOW William Henry         Listed
SWIFT Fred                              Listed
SYKES Albert                           Listed
SYKES Arthur                           Listed
SYKES Harry                            Not Listed
SYKES Robert                          Listed
SYKES Walter                          Listed
TAYLOR Norman Stringer         Listed
THEWLIS Henry                       Listed
THORNTON Albert                    Listed
THORNTON Frank                    Listed
THORNTON Walter                   Listed
TOLSON James Martin              Listed
TOLSON Robert Huntriss          Listed
TUNNACLIFFE Harry                Listed
WADE Dennison                       Not Listed
WALKER Percy                         Listed
WHITAKER John Brockhank     Listed
WHITELEY Stanley                   Not Listed
WHITTAKER Walter                  Listed
WILKINSON George Henry      Not Listed
WILKINSON Walter Stericker   Not Listed
WILSON Arthur                         Not Listed
WILSON Bertie                         Listed
WILSON Frank Haydn              Listed
WILSON James Schofield        Listed
WILSON John Edward             Listed
WIMPENNY Fred                     Listed
WOOD Arnold                          Listed
WOOD Hubert                          Listed
WOOLHOUSE Hiram               Not Listed