dog poo sign

Bill, a concerned resident, writes about the problem of thoughtless dog owners

“I would like to bring to your attention what is rapidly becoming a problem in the area.
Namely the the mess being left behind by unsociable dog owners. I have noticed over the last six or seven months that there is an increasing amount left behind after individuals have exercised their dogs. This is both on the pavements and in the greener areas. Predominately the playing fields at the rear of Southlands and the access track that leads to the cricket club from Southlands area. Is there some way that you could reinforce the message that its not good for our village! And what the possible penalties, both financial and health might be!
Finally, perhaps also a gentle reminder to the organisers of the football games that they should take their empty bottles and discarded bandages etc with them when the final whistle blows.”

Have you any suggestion on how we can get the message across to the minority of dog owners who do not consider their fellow residents and who ignore the law?

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Many Thanks