From July the crime report will appear monthly. Crimes around  Kirkheaton  are only identified where the victim has agreed.[in italics] The report then states the date of the crime and its location.  Most of the other  reported  crimes will have happened Dalton Ward wide and cannot be specifically identified  if the victim has not wanted any publicity so other crimes reported could have happened in Kirkheaton.

Theft from vehicle – steal front bumper and number plate from Vauxhall Astra parked on the road side.

Theft non specific –  two suspects climb over fence into compound and steal used electrical goods left for recycling.

Theft non specific – enter garden and steal large chimerea.

Theft non specific – enter garden and steal some garden chairs and damage others.

Theft of vehicle – victim has accident in Ford Focus & leaves in safe place to recover, on return vehicle has been stolen

Criminal damage – m/v smash front windscreen of Audi A1 with a brick and make off.

Theft from vehicle – 12 Jul 2018 2230 break into Ford Transit van and steal commercial power tools. Regent Road

Theft from vehicle – enter Citroen Berlingo panel van by unknown means, pop bonnet causing damage, unbolt hinges of driver’s door and steal same.

Theft from vehicle – smash front window of Volkswagen Toureg, reach in and steal radio/ sat nav system and work laptop.

Theft from vehicle- enter Volkswagen golf by unknown means and steal ID.

Theft of vehicle –  gain entry to complainant’s Vauxhall Zafira using keys stolen in early theft and made off with same.