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May 2017 – A Neighbourhood Plan for Kirkheaton

Hello Everyone
Thank you for all your efforts and inputs to our Neighbourhood Plan. You will be pleased to know that the recent survey of residents and businesses was a great success, with very clear views expressed about the future of our village. We are now at the point of drafting the Neighbourhood Plan, and we have produced a Draft Vision of what we want Kirkheaton to become over the next decade. It is important to get your feedback on the Draft Vision which is:

In the years up to and beyond 2030, the people of Kirkheaton will live in a distinct and distinctive village community that has retained its identity and character. Kirkheaton will be carefully developed and through maximising the use of available space will have resulted in a place which continues to feel compact and closely connected to the adjacent countryside. Green spaces, remnant routeways and historic features will be enhanced, as will the built environment. Our village will be socially cohesive, safe, prosperous and environmentally sound, with a good range of social infrastructure and facilities.

Please let us know your views on this Draft Vision by 21st May. It is your plan and we need to be certain that you support the Vision.
Email. kirkheatonfuture@outlook.com

Thank you
Kirkheaton Future steering group

“KIRKHEATON’s FUTURE” in our hands
Following a public meeting in early November 2014 organised by Yetton Together
to address concerns about developments in Kirkheaton, a new group called Kirkheaton Future was formed. Its aims are to prepare, consult, seek approval and regularly update a Neighbourhood Plan to address future housing and employment needs within the area.
In mid November the fifteen strong group then met to elect officers, choose the name ‘Kirkheaton Future’ and formalise its aims.
The boundaries of the Neighbourhood Plan were  then decided upon  and was approved by  the qualifying body which is Kirkburton Parish Council. Approval is now needed from Kirklees Council.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan and why do we need one in Kirkheaton?

Peter Roberts, planning expert, KF member and local resident, writes
Over the past 2 years developers have made a number of applications for planning permission to build houses in and around our village. A number of these applications have been the development of open greenfield land, often in treasured and inappropriate locations such as the recent application for housing at Cockley Hill.

A major cause of this rash of applications is the absence of an up to date statutory development plan for the whole of Kirklees. This makes it easy for speculative developers to argue their case and as a consequence development does not match the real needs of the village or the wider community.

In 2011 the Government introduced a new form of plan that could help us deal with this unwanted rash of planning applications and guide future housing and other development. This new type of plan is called “Neighbourhood Plan” and under this legislation our local community can help shape the planning of our village.

A Neighbourhood Plan can be used to:

  • Develop a shared vision for our community
  • Identify where new homes, shops and other development should be built
  • Identify and protect important green spaces
  • Influence what new buildings should look like
  • Provide policies that reflect other important matters

Neighbourhood plans are not a way of stopping all development, rather they are a way of maximising positive developments and minimising environmental and other damage. Once our Neighbourhood Plan has been completed and approved, Kirklees Council must adopt it as part of the overall development plan – this means we can help shape our own future.

In order to produce a Neighbourhood Plan we need agreement from the Parish Council to proceed. – this they have now given. Then the next step is to get Kirklees Council to designate our neighbourhood area. Then we can start the real work.

We have a big advantage compared to most communities, this is the existence of an excellent but non-statutory community plan.   Nevertheless, we will need a lot of help to produce the statutory Neighbourhood Plan and we can bid for money and support from Government and Kirklees Council.

At this stage we need your support, your ideas and your enthusiasm. Please let us know what are:

  • Your major concerns about the future development of Kirkheaton
  • Your ideas for the future development of the village

(c)Your skills and availability to help to produce the Neighbourhood Plan

Contact:Steve Booth, Chair, Kirkheaton Future kirkheatonfuture@outlook.com

Kirkheaton Future is independent of Yetton Together although four of YT’s steering group are also KF group members .

Kirkheaton Future – Neighbourhood Plan Version: 13 October 2015

Kirkheaton Future has been instigated by Kirkheaton’s Community Association, Yetton Together, to develop a Neighbourhood Plan with the express purpose of promoting / improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Kirkheaton Neighbourhood Plan area as identified. Its membership is open to anyone who lives or works in the neighbourhood area or is an elected member of the Council for the area concerned and the group confirm that general membership includes a minimum of 21 people who live or work in the neighbourhood area or are an elected member of the Council for the area concerned.
As Kirkheaton is in a parished area, Kirkburton Parish Council is the qualifying body and all of the neighbourhood area falls inside the boundary of the Kirkheaton Ward.

Kirkburton Parish Council approved the name of the group; the group constitution; the boundary and the justification for that boundary at its Council meeting held on 1 October 2015 and is responsible for submitting the area application to Kirklees Council.

Any queries should be addressed to:
Kirkburton Parish Council Burton Village Hall Northfield Lane Highburton HD8 0QT
clerk@kbpc.co.uk 01484 604391
Office Hours: 9.30 am to 1.30 pm on Mondays and Thursdays

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