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AGM 2017

 AGM 2016
 8th December 2016 Kirkheaton Community Centre at 19:30

The present Chairman Steve Booth thanked all for attending and proceeded with the agenda.

Election of Officers
Chairman – Steve Booth was re-elected
Vice Chair – Diane Hardcastle
Secretary – Pamela Brook
Treasurer – Jack Dodds
Planner – Prof. Peter Roberts
Publicity Officer – Diane Hardcastle

Report from the Chairman
Over the last twelve months there have been issues in maintaining the original timescales set by the Steering Group regarding the completion of the actions required by the legal process. A review of the plans timescale is to be undertaken.

Two “Planning for Real” meetings were held at the Community Centre and one at Kirkheaton School engaging with residents of the village to ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan reflects their collective expectations.

A detailed map of the village has been drawn and the boundaries for the Neighbourhood Plan have been agreed and approved with Kirkburton Parish Council and registered with Kirklees Planning Services.

The submission of the funding application to Locality has been approved by Kirkburton Parish Council.

We are in the process of producing a survey which will be twenty two questions asking for residents views, this survey will be available both on-line and paper based. We will use the results to give us the required information to write the Neighbourhood Plan based on genuine consultation.

Special thanks were given to the following for their dedicated hard work over the last twelve months:-
Prof. Peter Roberts for his guidance and knowledge of Neighbourhood Planning.
Kevin Lee for providing the definitive map of the neighbourhood.
David Clarkin for his work with PROW.
Brian Artingstall for the work on the resident survey.
Diane Hardcastle for publicising our work using Yetton Together website, Twitter, posters in the village and Facebook.

Report from the Secretary
As this is a new appointment there was no report.

Report from the Treasurer
Up to present there have been no funds to report on, the position of Treasurer is a new appointment.

David Clarkin spoke about maintaining public footpaths in the village and that support for this is given by volunteers. However there is a lack of funds for desired projects such as training in dry stone walling and the development of pathways.
To make progress with funding from “Tesco Bags” there is a need to target priorities.
He also added that any new volunteers would be very welcome.

The Chairman thanked all for attending and asked that anyone who wished to help in any way contact him.

The meeting closed at 21:00.