2016 January Update
An advert to publicise the Kirkheaton Neighbourhood Plan, has been sent to the media and will be published in the Huddersfield Examiner and Reporter series on the 14th and 15th January.
A copy of the application, map and explanatory text has also been sent to Kirklees web development team to update the web pages and this should be in place by the end of the week.[8th Jan]
Kirklees Planning are currently preparing a letter and e-mails to send out to statutory consultees.  The period for making comments will be 15th January 2016 to the 26th February 2016.
It is planned to submit a report to Kirklees Council Cabinet for approval on 8th March.

Village Audit
In the interim we are desperate for volunteers to update the plan of Kirkheaton, as to existing buildings and open spaces.  The latter is for areas which are either suitable for development or to be designated as Urban Green Spaces.
This would involve marking up a series of A4 plans.

Please get in touch if you are able to spare a couple of hours to help.

KF Newsletter December 2015
Kirklees Council Planning Department have received our submission via Kirkburton Parish Council to prepare a Neighbour Plan.
The next stage is a legal consultation period of at least 6 weeks which with the Christmas Break will close on 25 February. It then has to be considered by Kirklees Council Cabinet sometime in March.
This does not stop the group firming up ideas preparing the groundwork. This can be divided into three broad areas

1. Land Allocation
Carry out an audit of present village buildings – is the Ordnance Survey Map up to date.
Mark up on an O.S. Map the areas of land which are suitable for development, Urban Green Spaces etc.
Consult with all land owners.

2. Consultation
A key part of the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan is to consult with every resident, business etc within its boundary. This will require a questionnaire being formulated and its subsequent delivery.

3. Impact on the Village Infrastructure
What impact will the developments have on the roads, pedestrian safety, schools, medical facilities etc.
For example, research will be required on the present level of both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

In addition to the above help will be required
· in publicity – looking after the website
· in applying for funding and subsequent managing the budgets.

If you can help with any of the above then please get in touch even if it is for a few hours or for a short period.