17 Jan Knitting for Samos_edited-1

Some of the many colourful blankets and jumpers knitted by the group.

Over the last three years the Knit n Natter group based at Kirkheaton Community Centre, has been sending parcels of colourful knitted blankets and children’s jumpers etc to the island of Samos in Greece. Samos is in the front line of receiving desperate refugees fleeing from the ravages of war in Syria, who arrive with little more than what they stand up in.

The parcels have been eagerly anticipated.
As one British helper reports, ‘The parcels always seem to come when we most need them – I recall one of their first packages came on the day when we were searching for blankets and warm clothes for the children who had arrived that afternoon.’

17 Feb Evine with Mum Sara

Baby Evine wearing her Knit n Natter jumper with refugee Mum, Sara.

One refugee, Sara, said that it wasn’t just that it was a beautiful jumper for her child, Evine [see photo] that made her happy but that it had been made with love by women she had never met but who cared what is happening to refugees like herself.