A  local resident writes:
The use of Lascelles Hall Road as a Rat Run is becoming much worse and dangerous. As you will know the road, in places, is wide enough for only one vehicle and most conscientious and courteous locals know this and drive accordingly. However there are many non-locals and a few locals who abuse the road, treating it as a race track. It will not be long before there will be a fatal accident in this road and it should be made one way from Kirkheaton Parish Church to its junction with Wakefield Road. This would cause no great hardship to those of us who live on the road and would add only moments to the journey itself. It would, or could deter the would be “Rat Runner”.

It could of course be made one way, the other way, that is to say, one way from Wakefield Road to its junction with School Lane.
This latter one way would be even more of a deterrent as I am sure the Rat Run is used more by people coming from Huddersfield to avoid the traffic lights at Waterloo than by people coming from the direction of Wakefield.
For example the number of vehicles in a morning coming from Wakefield Road are much less than those speeding up the road towards Wakefield Road from 4.00pm onwards.
There have been many occasions when I, personally, have had to drive up on the kerb to avoid being hit by speeding vehicles and the verbal abuse and gesticulations are not very pleasant.
I do not wish to be seen as some kind of crank but this is a very real problem which needs urgent attention.
I hope this article makes sense to you and is of use to the Transport Committee of “Yetton Together”
I belive a petition to Kirklees Highways Department could be a start. 
Thank You.  David