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Kirkheaton Future has submitted the draft Neighbourhood Plan to Kirkburton Parish Council -KBPC. This will be discussed by KBPC at their next meeting.
There is an additional section to add to the Plan, Section 5, this will include Sources of Information, Appendices and Maps.
The draft Neighbourhood Plan strategy is linked to national policy and the draft Kirklees Local Plan.
It is linked directly and explicitly to results of the questionnaires, consultants’ surveys, consultations and planning for real workshops.
All sections have been written from evidence and there is a summary of the evidence in each section.

The next stage of the process is that the document, once approved by KBPC, is to be sent to Kirklees Council. It then needs independent examination before a referendum can be organised which allows all villagers to vote on accepting it or not.

Timescales are always difficult to predict but the group hopes that a referendum could be held before Summer.

If anyone would like more detail about the plan please contact us.

Steve Booth
Chair, Kirkheaton Future.