That’s exactly what the Cold Royd Stone Wall builders are doing. As you can see from the picture one of the gaps has been located, addressed and this part of the wall is in process of being rebuilt.

Re-starting the repair of the wall on a beautiful May morning, after the winter break, three new people arrived to take advantage of the free tuition and there were five ‘returners’. Once the building bug bites it is hard to resist!

Why have you come to do this I asked? “Someone is building a wall in my next door garden and I thought I could do that!” “It’s something I have always wanted to do, said the person from Leeds”. “I think the stone walls of this part of Yorkshire have such a history that I (local worker from Slaithwaite) want to be part of keeping them going for the future, and a goodly number of them seem to need repair”

So what is this wall? It forms the boundary of an ancient way between the village of Kirkheaton and Dalton. It has been used by people walking to their work at the local mills (now demolished), people riding their horses and more recently as a cycle-path. Some stone has sadly been stolen in the past, but a Way used for hundreds of years must have some claim to be cared for. So with the help of Kirklees, Dalton Council, Kirklees Volunteers and Walking groups, and the  enthusiasm of people who really do care about the physical environment in this our part of the world, work has begun again.


Professional tuition for 4 weeks and with insurance and safety measures in place what is stopping you? Come and see for yourself at the next meeting on June 2, 9.45am to begin at 10am. As you are walking or driving around just notice the walls of local stone , bearing witness to our geology and local skills. Some are 2/300 years old, and the “Gaps need you now”.

You don’t know where this is?? Further details are available from David,…………. and from ‘Yetton Together’ website.