In early November Sue and Michael Bowyer (representing YT) joined over 100 hundred volunteers at Batley Town Hall at the invitation of ‘More in Common’  – part of the Jo Cox Foundation. After the murder of Jo Cox in 2016 the foundation was formed by her family as a way to bring communities together. They certainly did that night! The evening was a celebration of volunteering in all its aspects. Groups from all over Kirklees were present – from community groups like ourselves, groups such as Street Bikes ( dedicated to getting people young and old, dis/ abled to get out there on a bike), Uniform Exchange, Stay Safe Girls project, Dewsbury Cares to many individuals. You name it and there were the volunteers supporting it!

It was a great evening designed to recognise people’s dedication to, and to celebrate, volunteering.

Thank you Dawn Robinson for allowing us to use your photographs.