Recent activity on the  land in front of the doctors’ surgery has lead to speculation of its possible use as a temporary burial site for Kirklees Council. The council’s application for a burial site at Stirley below Castle Hill has run into problems and it now urgently needs additional land for burials.

However Yetton Together spokesperson Keith Durkin was able to reassure residents that the community group was responsible.
‘We are digging over the land  to prepare it for the planting of about 1000 petunias over the next few weeks. The YT 200 Club has given us £100 to create a attractive display. This is a temporary measure. We hope to have something more permanent by next year. We would welcome anyone who wants to help with the planting – 10:30 Saturday June 30th’

Any suggestions on how it should be developed? One resident would like to see some public art on the land.

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