Kirkheaton Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to both Kirkburton Parish and Kirklees Councils by Kirkheaton Future [KF]. The plan is a detailed document that sets out  proposals for the planning and development of the village over the next 15 years.
Key features are:

  • It conforms to residents views expressed in the questionnaire survey – it mainly restricts development to within the existing village boundary plus the site that has already had planning permission. It aims to provide a mixture of housing types for all ages and household incomes, and it makes use of empty sites in the village.
  • It emphasises the importance of maintaining open spaces in the village and protecting and extending important social environmental assets such as the green lanes and community facilities including sports facilities.
  • It argues for a very much safer and better roads and transport system that reduces pollution, congestion and reliance upon cars.
  • It places importance on maintaining and increasing jobs and businesses.
  • It emphasises the desirability of the community having the main say in how our village is developed in the future.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan will now go through a series of consultations with official organisations and will be subject to assessment before it can be finalised. These various formal stages take time but KF is working hard to push Kirklees Council to get on with the process and not delay vital decisions.

While the formal process is underway it would be very helpful to conduct another village-wide consultation. The plan is your plan – it is based on your views, and it aims to make Kirkheaton a great place for you and your children to live in, now and in the future.

In our work to influence the future of Kirkheaton your views have driven the process of plan preparation. Click here to read the plan   and come to the Community Centre to give your feedback. The more support we get, the greater the chance the plan will be approved. The plan is a very technical document so KF will be producing a short summary of its contents soon.

The meetings are at the Community Centre on Thursday, the 18th July at 7:30 and Saturday, the 20th July at 2 pm.