Did I say ‘Never again’?

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The cast!!!

Well, despite all the ‘never again’ protestations Little Red Riding Hood was duly staged in March at the United Church. The producer, Veronica Moran must be made of stern stuff.

As if by magic, scenery, lights, sound equipment appeared and were installed on our miniscule stage. Costumes were produced that satisfied the demands of even the most pernickety of cast members (what do you mean, you don’t like your fairy outfit…) and at the beginning of the week there were even matching sets of hair ribbons for all fourteen young chorus members. By the end of the week-well, good job we got some spares!

Less magical was the cast’s progress in learning lines. The children as ever were word perfect from early on. The adults-let’s just say the on the opening night the prompter was in danger of becoming an additional cast member. But by the second night not a single prompt needed-amazing what adrenaline can do.

The wolf, not to mention his two rather overgrown cubs, was particularly convincing, keeping a tally of the number of children who had run screaming from the Hall. But the fairy was a worthy foe-their duel by duet was a great hit with the audience. Red Riding Hood and her Prince showcased their dancing and singing skills, ably assisted by an ensemble of Yetton’s finest young people-look closely at your apprentice plumber or hairdresser next time and see if there’s any greasepaint.

The glamorous Dame, gormless Bailiffs, evil Squire, his hatchet –faced daughter and the Prince’s side-kick Bobby Shaftoe produced some unforgettable scenes involving sausages, rats and much flour and water. (Apologies to the cleaner-it will come off eventually, honest).

But special mention must be made of Squawk the parrot whose aim and reach with the giant water-pistol was truly incredible. Sadly it is Squawk’s last year with the company. Squawk, aka Rev Leslie Noon, moves on from Kirkheaton in August. I wonder if her new church in Swansea should be warned to hide the water-pistol…..
Barbara Hutchinson