Dear fellow villagers
We recently lost our third cat on the main road in Kirkheaton, near the Post Office ata time of day when I,, as a pedestrian and car driver know it can be extremely dangerous for humans, let alone the cats of the area to navigate. Whilst I fully understand that the council have no interest in animal fatalities, I feel so strongly about the speed at which cars drive through the village, that as a parent am very worried about all the children who use the school buses and have to make thier way across this busy road at peak traffic times. I have taken it upon myself to draw up a petition to ask for some kind of traffic calming measures to be put in place. The local shops and post office have agreed to carry the petition for locals to sign. I will be placing it next week. I wondered if you would be interested in either joining this campaign or has something similar already been investigated ? I notice when driving around, Dalton, Almondbury, Lepton and Newsome have all had traffic calming installed, speed limits lowered and pedestrian islands and crossings put in place. Why haven’t we ?!!