Outcome of the bus meeting held on Thursday 22nd March at Kirkheaton Community Centre.

The meeting was attended by 55 people with Debra Bagley from Metro & Terry Price Manager from Yorkshire Tiger.

Terry started by stating the reasons for changing the service to run to Brighouse, i.e. a way of replacing 278 Halifax-Dewsbury service with minimum cost.

These reasons were not supported by any member of the public and many requested a return to operation to Dewsbury. Several members of the public told the meeting about problems they had at changing from the 262 to the 203 & 253 service at Mirfield. Yorkshire Tiger will look at bus times at Mirfield.

The company will look at possibility of putting on 2 journeys on Dewsbury Market Days.

Other matters discussed were:

  • problems with the 371 bus to Lindley blocking Kirkheaton Terminus.
  • about alternate buses standing at Upperheaton for 12 mins with passengers- the company will look at doing a double loop between Upperheaton & Kirkheaton Terminus.
  • about buses not stopping at Kirkheaton Terminus & Town Road on journeys from Brighouse.
  • about individual problems some caused by drivers, some by late running & traffic problems

Debra answered some questions about Metro tickets & Terry answered questions about Yorkshire Tiger & Arriva tickets.

The Meeting finished at 2055