In June a group of volunteers started restoring the old bridleway Cold Royd which leads from Jagger Lane down onto Broad Lane. Due to a long period of neglect the old flags have been either stolen or hidden under vegetation, and the walls have fallen into disrepair. The group are funded by a grant from the Dalton Ward and are supported by Kirklees Countryside Volunteers. The grant has paid for drystone wall tuition and the stone required.
David Clarkin [who instigated the project] reports:
“We have made good progress (15-20m of wall rebuilding underway) but there is a lot  left to do. Anita [our tutor] agreed to come back and take 3 further sessions-one each month in August (12), September (16) and October (7). We will gather at 9.45am for a start at 10.0 – working until 2.0pm with a short refreshment break.”
Anyone interested in joining them to learn a new skill should contact David on 01484 535 643 or e mail

Stone walling volunteers