After a period of public consultation and review the PO have decided to proceed with the move of Kirkheaton Post Office from its present site on St Mary’s Lane to 2 Town Road.

121 responses were made  to the consultation, with the key issues for most being:
1. Parking, road safety and access to the new location
2. Customer service and staff training
3. Access into the premises and space inside

Response to issues raised

Parking and road safety and access to the new location

The new operator will contact the local authority to review pedestrian access and explore the possibility of a dedicated disabled parking bay and a safe pedestrian crossing point.
Customer service and staff training
Staff at the new branch will be fully trained and on hand, with staffing levels carefully aligned to customer demand.
Access and space inside
Access into the store is via a wide door and a step at the entrance.
However a portable ramp will be available and a grab rail will be installed along with a bell and signage to
enable customers with mobility issues to summons assistance.
The PO will be working closely with the new operator on the design of the new branch to make sure that the internal layout provides adequate space and privacy for Post Office customers
For further information visit Kirkheaton decision