There is a well used network of footpaths in the area which can easily be utilised to form a number of circular walks centred on the village. Here are a few suggestions. Some areas can be boggy so walking boots are recommended.
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Please let us know if any of the directions are unclear or even wrong!!! We’re not perfect!

This magnificent marker/mile stone or stoop is situated on the green lane between The Beaumont Arms and the Parish Centre. It is one of a set that are being erected  in the 10 parishes controlled by KBPC to mark the recently waymarked Kirkburton Parish Walks. The one based around Kirkheaton is Lizzie’s Lollop which is a 6 mile walk around much of the edge of the village. See for all 10 walks
There are two  images carved into the stone – one seems to be a great crested newt [in celebration of the site’s close proximity to one of the largest colonies of newts in Western Europe and second looks like a copy of an Anglo Saxon carving.[possibly in the church]
The choice of the stone acting as a milestone to Fenay Bridge and Shepley seems rather strange as neither finger points towards a discernible track which could easily lead to either of those two destinations.

Walk 1  Kirkheaton ‘Boundary’ Walk.
A circular walk from the church with good views across to Castle Hill, Huddersfield and Emley Moor – roughly following the edges of the village  [Approximately 6.5km / 4 m]

Walk 2  Houses Hill -Thurgory – Lascelles Hall Circular
St John’s-Quarry-Houses Hill-Gregory Farm-The Kennels-Rods Beck-Botany Bay-Thurgory-Lascelles Hall CC-St John’s [approx 8.6 km / 5.5m]

Walk 3  Houses Hill Circular
St John’s – Long Tongue Scrog – Houses Hill – Whitley Willows – Laneside – St John’s
[approx 5km / 3 miles]

Walk 4 Dalton Bank Circular
St John’s – Hillside – Bankfield – Wellhouse – Dalton Bank – Upper Heaton – Hollin Hall- Upper Hopton – Cockley Hill – Laneside – St John’s [Approx 7.5km / 4.75m ]

Walk 5 Whitley Estate Circular
St John’s – Laneside – Long Tongue Scrog – Houses Hill – Gregory Farm – Liley Hall – Gregory Spring/Liley Woods – Charlotte’s ice Cream Parlour – Falhouse Lane – Paper Hall Farm – Lepton Square – Botany Bay – Lucy Lane – Lascelles Hall CC – St John’s [approx 12.75 km / 7.9 miles]

Walk 6  Dalton Bank & Canal – amended 2016
St John’s – Newlands Road- Cold Royd Lane – Nab Hill – Dalton Bank – R Colne – Canal – Round Hill – Upper Heaton – Cricket field – Old Junior school – St John’s
[approx 8.4 km / 5.2 miles]

Walk 7 Charlotte’s Ice Cream Parlour
St John’s – Laneside – Cockley Hill- Upper Hopton – Lower Hopton – Whitley Lower – The Temple – Houses Hill – Whitley Willows – Laneside – St John’s [11.5 km / 7 miles]

Walk 8  A circular walk centred on Upper Heaton and its surroundings – amended 2016
Upper Heaton -Round Hill – Cycleway – Bog Green/Bog Hall – North Moor Lane – Meadow Park – New Road – Upper Heaton  [approx 4km / 2.5 miles]

Walk 9  A circular stroll through Kirkheaton using some of the snickets and right of ways.
Post office – Furnbrook Gardens – Stead Lane – Bankfield Ave – Southlands – Stoney Ford Lane – Easingwood – Moorside Road – Heaton Moor Road – Epsom Way – Cockley Hill Lane – Mountain Way – Orchard Road – North Hill Drive – St Mary’s Fold/Lane – Post Office [Approx 4km / 2.5miles]

Walk 10 A circular walk around Welllhouse with good views over Huddersfield
Parish church – Old School – fields – Bankfield Lane – Cricket field – Wellhouse – Dalton Nature Reserve – fields – Newland Road – Churchyard [Approx 3.25km / 2miles]

‘Kirkburton Walkers are Welcome’ group has produced 5 walking leaflets based on the parishes which make up KP. Each leaflets consists of 2 walks [of approx 4 – 7 miles in length] centred around one of the areas. A local character is featured on each map explaining a little about the history of each place in rhyme! The leaflet are very colourful but are not very practical to use when out walking.
For concise instructions about each walk go to

Also available are 14 excellent leaflets produced by ‘Denby Dale Walkers are Welcome’ group. The leaflets cover circular and linear walks in the Denby Dale and Kirkburton area. The leaflets can be downloaded from
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