Walk 6: St John’s – Newlands Road- Cold Royd Lane – Nab Hill – Dalton Bank – R Colne – Canal – Round Hill – Upper Heaton – Cricket field – Old Junior school – St John’s
[approx 5.2 miles/8.4 km]
A varied walk taking in part of a Nature Reserve, an industrial area, canal towpath, disused railway line and some interesting views

Walk 10 completeStart at the Dead Man’s Gate entrance to the church. Take the footpath [sp] between the two graveyards. After a few metres turn right on a path into the church graveyard and follow it up to the main road. Cross and turn left down the hill.

After a few metres turn right onto Newlands Road. Continue to its end and then turn right up Cold Royd Lane – a steep flagged path. Where it meets a road turn right and continue until you reach the cricket field access road on your left. Turn down here and follow the path around the field to the club house [Don’t – on pain of death, take a short cut across’ the square’!] Just before the club house turn left and then immediately right around the back of the building.

Continue to a junction of paths. Here turn left down the field to a flight of steps leading to the road at Well House. Turn right and continue along the road until you come to a locked gate leading onto Dalton Bank.DSCF0813

At the Nature Reserve sign take a left path and follow the contour of the bank round to the right. The path gradually drops to the road below with views of industrial Huddersfield. Here turn left, go over the old railway bridge, cross the road and take the path [sp] to the right. Follow this path over a footbridge, through some scrub and over the River Colne. Continue along the path which now skirts various industrial buildings until you reach a road. Facing you is the Hanson’s transport compound. Turn right along the road and continue until you reach the arches of a bridge.

Just before the bridge turn left onto the tow path of Huddersfield Broad Canal. Continue right along the tow path until you come to the second bridge [Sign post here indicates the Calder Greenway] Cross the bridge and follow the path under the viaduct. The path then curves to the left and brings you onto the viaduct itself.[Beware of cyclists here] Continue on the disused railway line under a bridge. As the path then starts to climb look out for a path to your right [between some fencing]

There is a yellow arrow positioned a little way off the trail here. Go over the stile and up the hillside keeping the wall on your left. Continue up the hill through 3 fields. In the 3rd field there is an arrow that directs you right to a stile in the middle of the wall. Cross the stile and go diagonally down to the next stile and onto a muddy ‘green lane’ Continue up the hill past a house.

Directly in front of you is a stone stile. Go over this and through a narrow gap into the16 april stile at Upper Heaton field beyond. Head diagonally left to a temporary stile at the top left hand corner of the field leading onto New Road. [The public right of way actually goes straight across the field but a new stile is yet to be built by Kirklees – in the meantime the landowner has  kindly constructed the temporary stile]

16 April Stoney Ford lane

Turn right down the road and continue to Stoney Bank Lane. Turn right here, cross the road at Southlands and continue behind the houses. At the next path junction turn left  and continue until you reach the junction near the cricket field where you turned down earlier to get to Well House.

At this junction turn left and follow the wall to a stile at the back of some houses. Instead of continuing forward turn right behind the gardens onto the cricket field. Retrace your steps down the access road and turn right onto the road.

At the first footpath signpost turn left to cross some fields. Follow this path down the hillside until it brings you down past some houses into the old Junior school playground. Here cross the road and go down Church Lane to your starting point in front of the church.