Walk 4:St John’s – Hillside – Bankfield – Wellhouse – Dalton Bank – Upper Heaton – Hollin Hall- Upper Hopton – Cockley Hill – Laneside – St John’s [Approx 7.5km / 4.75m ]

Walk 4
Start at the side entrance of the church and walk up Church Lane to the main road. Cross the road and follow the footpath sign into the old school yard and up the stone steps. Continue along this path until it meets a lane. Turn left and go up the hill behind house until it brings you into Stead Lane. Continue left onto Bankfield Lane. Just after the convenience store turn right into Bankfield Avenue. Continue along here until you see a path between houses on the left [sp] which takes you out into the fields.

 At a crossroads of paths continue down the hill going between houses onto the road at Well House. Turn right here and follow the road until it is blocked by a gate leading to a car park on Dalton Bank [At the moment – Oct 2009 -this gate is locked] From here numerous paths lead across Dalton Bank with long distance views over industrial Huddersfield.

 Continue along the Bank following the contours [past the graffitied rock faces] until the paths merge into just one hugging the top of the Bank. The path forks at a stone wall on the right. Follow the right hand path keeping the wall on your right down into Upper Heaton. Cross the road and follow the footpath sign across a field to a stile. Continue across 2 field to a hidden stile at the top end of the last field leading into a farm lane[could be very muddy here – see # for alternative route]

 Turn right up the lane and follow the track through a field over a stile and through 2 other fields.The path leads onto a tarmaced farm track. Cross the track and go over a stile [sp] Go diagonally left up the field through a gate and continue on the same line to a gap in the top left corner [sp] This leads into Hollin Hall. Turn right here and go to the main road. Turn left and after a few metres cross the road to follow the footpath sign around a house and through field to reach Upper Hopton [Take care to go right over a stile halfway along this path and then keep the hedge on your left to get to the road into Upper Hopton]

 Walk up the hill through Upper Hopton. At the telephone box turn right behind some houses. This leads over a stile and through 2 fields. Head for a path on the left hand side of the farm buildings on the horizon. Where it meets the road turn right and go through a gate onto the road to Grangemoor. Cross the road and go down Cockley Hill. Turn left down some steps just after passing a large building site [sp]

 At the bottom of the steps turn left and continue down the drive to the house. Follow the drive to the right and go through a white gate into a field. Continue across the top of the field to the next gate and then turn left down the hill keeping the wall to your right. Follow the path through the next field to a hidden stile[sp] Turn right and head down the hill towards the boundary of the landfill site. Continue along this path until it comes out at a tarmaced road. Turn left and after a few metres turn right into the cemetery. Walk down through the cemetery onto Laneside. Turn left and then right at the first signpost into the fields alongside Ox Field Beck. Cross the fields onto the green lane leading to the Beaumont and the church beyond
# If you don’t want to risk the mud, instead of taking the footpath at Upper Heaton, turn right at the road and continue up the hill to the top of Kirkheaton. Turn up left at the next sign post [next to the gate ‘Hirstle Fabrications’ ] and follow the track past the farm. Just after the farm there is a gap on the right where you rejoin the route. [just before that there is a gap on the left which leads from the original Upper Heaton footpath].