Walk 2 .

St John’s-Quarry-Houses Hill-Gregory Farm-The Kennels-Rods Beck-Botany Bay-Thurgory-Lascelles Hall CC-St John’s [approx 8.6 km/ 5.5m]

A varied walk with long distance views to Black Dick’s Temple, Castle Hill, Huddersfield,     Lindley Moor and the Pennines

Start at the side gate of the church, cross the road and go down the lane alongside the Beaumont Arms. Turn left after the gap into the field and walk up through the gap between the houses onto Laneside. Turn right and then after about 30 m take the narrow footpath up left [sp] Follow this path until it comes out on Stafford Hill Lane. Turn left, cross the road and almost immediately right onto Mountain Way.

At the second footpath sign [opposite 2 large houses] turn up the hill and continue along the side of the quarry. Turn right at the first gap in the fence and proceed down hill. At a large footpath sign go left [Oct 09 – sign vandalised –stump only left] and follow the path through the valley and up onto the landfill site. Cross the access road and continue up the hill to a stile. Diagonally cross the next field and follow the edge to another stile into a field and then onto a narrow track. Cross the track [sp] and continue to follow the path along the edge of a wood through 3 fields onto the beginning of a farm track in front of a farm. Immediately turn right and walk down the field keeping the wall on your left. Go through a gate in the middle of a fence and then proceed diagonally right down the hill to a half hidden stile into the next field. Head across the field to a footpath sign. [sp] Turn left here and follow the path around the back of the houses and across the next field through a kissing gate into the road [sp]

Cross the road and continue forward on some rough ground over some duck boarding and a stile into the next field. Veering slightly left go up the field and the down to a stile in the far corner. [Don’t go through the wide gap in front of you] Follow the path through a narrow, sometimes overgrown valley, over 2 ladder stiles until it comes out at Gregory Farm. Follow the farm track for a short time but when it bends to the left turn right over some steps into a field. Diagonally cross the field to the corner of a property boundary [The Kennels] and follow this path until you meet a track in front of the house. Turn left and walk along the track until it bends left. Here turn right down a grassy track [sp] next to the conifer plantation.* Continue down a much improved track to Rod’s Beck. Cross the beck and go over a stile. Continue up the hill to climb a set of steps.

Continue alongside a wall on your left onto the road at Botany Bay. Turn left and then immediately right across the road [sp]onto Town Gate. Continue between the houses and cross 2 fields onto a lane [Thurgory Lane] Turn right and follow the lane down to the road at Cop Riding Farm. [There are some magnificent 360 degree views over Huddersfield and the surrounding areas from here] Turn right onto Gawthorpe Lane. At the next junction take the path to the left [sp] and follow it through 5 fields to Lascelles Hall Cricket Club.  Continue down this path with a wall on your left to the stream at Laneside. After crossing the stream immediately turn left into the field and head towards where you started from ie the church or the Beaumont Arms!!!

*Feb 2012 This plantation is no more! The wood has been harvested leaving the walker with good views towards Huddersfield. – but this leaves the area rather a desolate place!