Upper Heaton -Round Hill – Cycleway – Bog Green/Bog Hall – North Moor Lane – Meadow Park – New Road – Upper Heaton – [approx 4 km / 2.5 miles]
A circular walk centred on Upper Heaton and its surroundings.
Walk 8 Upper Heaton circular

The walk starts at the broken footpath sign just after the Upper Heaton sign on New Road. Although the right of way is here unfortunately the stile is nonexistent. [Kirklees Council are scheduled to construct one in the ‘future’] However the landowner has kindly constructed a temporary stile to allow people access [2016] To reach this follow the wall up New Road to the corner of the field and climb over. Proceed diagonally across the field and then walk  betweens some buildings, over a stile onto the farm track.

Turn left and follow the track down hill through some gates. At a stile in front of you [yellow arrow] leave the track and head uphill to a stile in the middle of a field wall.

From here walk diagonally right across the next field to the gate and follow the path down keeping the wall on your right.

Go over a stile [yellow arrow] and join the cycleway. Watch out for silent cyclists! Turn right and follow the track to the road.

Turn right and climb up the hill to Bog Green  Cross the road and turn left through The Old Farm yard [sp] Follow the yellow arrow to the right behind the houses and go over the stepped stiles into the fields. Keeping the wall on your right go along the field edge to a large gap[sp] and go directly up the hill to a stile

Walk diagonally left cross the next field to some trees and a yellow arrow marker.Cross into the next field and head up the field to the stile on the farm lane.

Turn right onto the lane and continue to the main road. Cross the road and walk a few metres down Mooorside Road to the footpath on your right. If this looks a little overgrown, walk a little further down the road and turn right onto Meadow Park. Either route takes you to New Road where you turn right and walk up the hill to complete your circuit.