There was murder and mayhem at Kirkheaton Community Centre over the weekend! Guests at a party to celebrate the forthcoming marriage of Colonel Mustard and Lady Cynthia Cherry were shocked to learn that the Reverend Green, (who was to have officiated at the wedding) had been bludgeoned to death with a candlestick in his own church just a few hours earlier. Mrs Peacock, a personal friend of the vicar, was distraught and Professor Plum spoke for all the guests when he said how shocked he had been to hear the news.

Dr Grey with Mrs Peacock.( Dr Grey was later unmasked as the murderer!)


But fear not –  It had all  been a put up job by Emley Drama Group enacting one of their Murder Mystery evenings! The murderer was soon apprehended after a great deal of sleuthing by the participants who were then able to enjoy their meal.

The cast – members of Emley Drama Group.

The event was organised by Yetton Together and Bankfield Bakery did the catering.