Today – [Friday 6th July] it’s never stopped raining and here are some of the results of flooding in Kirkheaton
The stream at Gawthorpe Green  has found its own way across the road and through a field gate to rejoin Ox Beck along the valley causing problems for motorists. Many turned back on viewing the torrent cascading across the road, others took a deep breath and drove through!
One resident who lives at Gawthorpe, Trish Mellor said that in all her time living there she had never seen such flooding along the valley.
‘The road at the bottom of the hill was impassable to all but the most intrepid  of drivers. The stream which normally flows under the road gushed over it in a torrent and cascaded down into the field below’
Stafford Hill Lane resembled a mountain torrent with water pouring down to join the already flooded stream fields.

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